The X Brand GOX Goggle

COLORS: Available in green, red, orange, blue, clear, black
PRICE: $45

The X Brand GOX goggle is an affordably priced motocross goggle that features four-layer, fleece-lined face foam; a flex fit urethane frame, and a mirrored anti-fog lens with integrated tear-off posts. Also included are a spare clear anti-fog lens and a soft cloth goggle bag.

We love the way the GOX goggle fits. Granted, all faces are different, but the X Brand goggle fit all of our testers nicely, and did an excellent job of keeping out roost and dust. The frame is extra soft, making it easy for the goggle to conform to your face. This, in turn, allows you to run the strap a little looser and still form a good seal between the goggle foam and your face. Though the foam may not seem as super cushioned as some we’ve seen, it is very comfortable and we were never able to sweat through it. The tear-offs fit super tight against the lens and keep dirt out from between the layers. The wide frame provides an excellent range of peripheral vision.

Though the supplied mirrored lens is tougher than average, it is still a mirrored lens and is easy to scratch.

In a day and age when a “designer goggle can cost upward of $75, the $45 X Brand GOX goggle is an exceptional value that delivers all the performance you could ever wish for.

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