PRICE: $495.00 ($525.00 for McGrath/Monster Yellow)


The Troy Lee Designs SE3 DITD/McQueen White helmet.


The Troy Lee Designs SE3 helmet is TLD’s top of the line model that features technologically advanced aerospace carbon/composite shell construction, new wind scoops for increased airflow, and nine colorways to suit everyone’s style.


-Helmet is extremely lightweight and comfortable.

-We wore this helmet when Southern California was experiencing some 100+ heat in the month of October, and with the numerous air channels this helmet has built into its shell, our dome remained completely cool.

The SE3 helmet features this dual shock pad system.

-The colorways for the SE3 helmets are bad ass, and they range from subtle to flashy.

-Helmet has an anti-goon goggle strap locator designed on the back of the helmet so that you always get your goggle strap in the right place.

-Our Editor-In-Chief, Swap, personally crash tested this helmet, and he walked away without any concussions.

-All of the padding is easy to remove and snap back in for cleaning.

-The machined titanium visor screws look a lot better than the plastic ones.

-Nose guard helps deflect roost.

The machined titanium visor screws are definitely trick.


-The SE3 nose guard interfered with some of our goggles that had their own nose guard. That was an easy fix, though, as we simply just detached the nose guard off the goggle.

-The paint jobs are top-notch and we were sad when we got our first scratch.


At TransWorld Motocross, we have always lived by the motto, “How much is your head worth?” With that said, we take helmet safety seriously, and the Troy Lee Designs SE3 helmet is definitely a helmet that we would recommend for our friends and family. The colorways are cool, the helmet is light and comfortable, and it’s one of our top safety picks for motocross helmets.