Product Report: TwinAir Pre-Oiled Air Filter

Available pre-oiled and sealed in an air-tight bag, the TwinAir filter makes installing a freshie in your bike a painless affair.


PRICE: $33.95



What’s the most dreaded maintenance task associated with dirt bikes? We’re willing to bet that nine out of 10 of you just thought, “cleaning air filters,” in your head. Like everyone, we are forced to perform the messy chore on our fleet of test bikes, on a regular basis. Though the TwinAir pre-oiled air filters don’t eliminate the need to clean and re-oil them after every ride or two, the fact that they are available in a ready to go configuration makes the first use much more pleasant.


– The dual-stage foam in a TwinAir filter flows more air than the stock, restrictive air filter, resulting in snappier throttle response and better overrev

– The course, open-pore foam on the outer layer traps larger particles of dirt and debris, while the finer second layer catches the smaller, finer dust particles

– The two layers are bonded together with a glue that TwinAir claims does not restrict air flow. A one-piece filter is easier to clean and install.

– The pre-oiled filters are not only easier to use (the first time), but they also provide a perfect example of how well you should re-oil the filter after its first cleaning.

– The thick, wide, foam ring that makes contact with the airbox seals so well against the mounting ring, that grease is not required to keep out dirt and dust.


– If only these were cheap enough to use in a disposable manner!

– The one-piece design takes longer to dry after a cleaning than a two-piece filter.


Your stock air filter is restrictive, and likely costing you a small amount of horsepower and throttle response. In order to assure the greatest levels of durability (and assuming that most bike owners are lazy, and will not clean their air filters with any regularity), manufacturers select a foam with tight pores, to provide the greatest level of protection for the engine. If you service your air filter with the regularity that you should, a better-flowing aftermarket filter like this one from TwinAir is a great performance accessory.