Product Report: UFO YZ Restyling Kit

UFO YZ 125-250 Restyling Kit
Price: $229.99
Colors: Blue, White


Although Yamaha has kept the popular and reliable two-stroke YZ line up available for purchase in the United States, the bikes have seen little changes over recent years. The reason for this is debatable (and it has been widely argued by Internet bandits), but in all honesty the line seemingly reached its pinnacle in performance years ago. One minor tweak that is longed for is updated plastics to the replace the older, round design the bikes come equipped with on the showroom floor. To answer these calls, UFO has released the YZ Restyling Kit, a shroud, fender, and number plate package that makes the bike resemble the four-stroke offerings.


– Each piece bolts onto the YZ with ease, with little flex or effort required.

– UFO plastic colors are true to Yamaha spec, and do not make the bike a different shade than OEM blue.

– That the kit includes every panel is a plus. You do not need to purchase any missing, yet vital component like with other kits.

– Updated look is bitchin’. The bike stands out on the track and in the pits, giving it a look all its own.


– We have caught our boots in the edges of the bike on more than one occasion.

РMay be difficult to acquire graphics that fit with ease.



As four-strokes grow in sales, it is undeniable that we will see little in the way of changes to the two-stroke offerings from manufacturers. But as long as brands such as UFO see a gap in the market, the premix burning bikes will always stay modern with a simple bolt-on upgrade.¬†This is strictly a cosmetic part, and it will not help you or your bike’s performance on the track, but who is to say that it won’t play on the minds of your competitors?