Product Report: VonZipper Bushwick XT Goggle

PRICE: $50 ($60 for Double Rainbow color shown here)

The Bushwick XT is VonZipper’s mid-line offering, priced in between the Porkchop and Sizzle models. Featuring strap outriggers, detachable strap tear-off post, TPR logo patches on the strap, and a cylindrical anti-fog lens, the Bushwick is our favorite model in VZ’s lineup.

– Frame shape and plush foam combine to provide an extremely tight seal around the face.
– TPR patches on the strap are a unique design feature that retain the logo’s integrity no matter how stretched the strap becomes.
– The wide variety of unconventional color options provide something for everyone.
– Strap designs are stitched, instead of sublimated, so they are not compromised when stretched around the helmet.|
– The medium-sized frame fits in all helmets we tried, while also providing a good field of vision.

– Although the seal round the face is superior, the foam could be bit more breathable on hot days.

VonZipper’s Bushwick XT is a great fitting goggle with cool colorways and designs that stand alone in the motocross world. If you want a goggle that performs, but want to march to a bit of a different beat, then VZ has you covered.