The Factory Stand 4 is designed with the larger, heavier four-strokes of today in mind.


PRICE: $109.95

COLORS: Available in black or white, with red, blue, green, orange, or yellow graphics.

OPTIONS: An optional wedge pad for use with Honda CRFs is available for $19.95


The Works Connection Factory 4 stand is the latest from Eric Phipps and his crew at Works Connection. Featuring a massive 12″ x 12″ top and heavy duty aluminum construction, it is designed with the larger, heavier four-strokes of today, in mind. Let’s be honest here. The Factory 4 stand was only released a few weeks ago, but we’ve actually had one for over a year because we poached one of Team Suzuki’s display stands in 2010. That said, we’ve got plenty of experience with the Factory 4 stand…


– Thanks to the giant 12″ x 12″ top, and the overall square profile of the stand, the Factory 4 is without a doubt the most stable bike stand we’ve used. When it comes time to use a stand as a step stool to load test bikes into our ridiculously high staff truck, the Factory 4 is the safest, most reliable stand to use.

– The Factory 4 stand is nice and tall, and gets both wheels off the ground easily. Even the tall Kawasakis and KTM are elevated off the ground, with both wheels free to spin.

– The overall construction of the stand is super tough. We’ve actually collapsed the tops of other stands. Today’s four-strokes are a lot heavier than the two-strokes of yesteryear, and they can wreak havoc on a stand top. The Factory 4 has shown no signs of bending or bowing,and has even held up to the abuse of the “front brake” method of putting a bike on the stand.

– The stands are available in black or white powdercoat finish. Black is cool, but the white stand just looks…well, amazing.

– Color matched graphics are available for every manufacturer.

– If you ride a Honda, you already know that the bottom frame rails don’t allow the bike to sit normally on a stand, and the bike has an off-kilter profile biased towards the front wheel. For Hondas, a special wedge pad is available and it installs easily with only a few screws.

– The plastic tool tray is handy and easily removable.

The top of the Factory 4 is giant, and offers plenty of support. Some riders will miss the hole in the top for draining oil. Us? We feel that the solid top makes the Factory 4 a safer step when loading bikes.


– There is no longer a hole in the top of the stand to drain oil. Though this isn’t a bother for us, as we use the triangle stands that come with the bike to change oil, we do have friends who drain their oil through the stand top holes.

– Because of the square shape of the stand, they do not stack as compactly as the older version did.


Back in the day, motocrossers used to scope out their neighborhood grocery store for a milk carton to swipe. Let’s just say that motocross bike stands have come a long, long way since then, and that the Works Connection Factory 4 stand is hands down, our favorite bike stand. Stable, strong, and great looking, the Factory 4 is hard to beat.

Check out the precision tig welds that hold the support brackets on; everything about the Factory 4 stand is of the highest quality.