Product Report: Allsport Dynamics OTS Wrist Brace



COLORS: Carbon fiber, metallic blue, Euro red, bright green, neon yellow, Arctic white, orange, burnt orange, and maroon

PRICE: $300-$350



Allsport Dynamics is the originator of off-the-shelf wrist protection as well as custom wrist braces. But with the advancement of OTS technology, the company has decided to put the majority of its focus on the universal OTS brace rather than the high dollar super-expensive custom made braces. The frame of the OTS brace is made out of an epoxy resin, carbon fiber, and Kevlar composite with a lace liner consisting of two straps—one on the palm and one on the forearm—to keep it in place and allow for fitment on varying sizes of wrists. There are also three different wrist stops—zero degrees, 20 degrees, and 40 degrees—that can be mounted to give the wrist less or more movement depending on a rider's preference or range of motion in their wrist. Also adding to the adjustment of the brace is that there are two thumb straps. One is designed to be cut off depending on what arm the brace is needed for.


Like any type of brace or protective gear, the Allsports Dynamics OTS brace takes a little getting used to, but once you do the lightweight frame and comfortable adjustable liner make it almost unnoticeable. For riders that have recently injured their wrists, these braces are a must have. And the varying stops, which allow you to graduate up to the smallest once your range of motion increases, make the wrist work great for riders rehabbing after an injury. The lace liner helps with the comfort factor of the brace, as it allows for it to not be tightened down too much, giving room for the always dreaded arm pump if it occurs. While we're on the subject of armpump, though, we must say that once you have the lace liner tightness dialed in, the OTS brace doesn't add to the armpump factor. Here at TWMX , quite a few staffers actually wear either one or two OTS braces as a preventative measure, as they started wearing one after an injury and haven't stopped.


It's really difficult to find a miss about this product, but if we had to we would have to say that the palm strap wears out, albeit after quite some time though. Also, it would be nice if somehow the brace stopped the wrist from being pushed forward in the event of a crash, but without putting something on the palms and obstructing your grip, that seems like a difficult task.


If you have ever suffered a wrist injury or if you just want to prevent one, take a look at the Allsport Dynamics OTS Brace, you won't be disappointed. It's lightweight, comfortable, and does a great job of keeping you just that much safer when you ride.

Call 800/594-5350 or visit (Will also be available through Parts Unlimited in December)