Product Review:
Ready Pro Wrench Kit from Trak Tools

APPLICATION: Available as a complete set. Spoke wrenches available separately.

PRICE: $59.95


WHAT IT IS: The Ready Pro wrench kit from Trak Tools combines eight commonly used tools in one package. The kit includes a unique T-/L-handle wrench that accepts various bits and tools. The Ready Pro comes with:

  • philips bit
  • slot (flat-head) bit
  • 10 mm and 12 mm open-end wrenches
  • 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, and 13 mm magnetic sockets
  • Lightweight, nylon cordura carrying pouch
  • Spoke wrenches in various sizes are sold separately ($12.95 each)

To put it to the test, we used the Ready Pro wrench while doing some routine bike maintenance/adjustments (changing oil, cleaning air filters, etc).

HITS: While we do not have the need–nor desire–to carry a tool pack on us while riding motocross, it is convenient to have several commonly used tools in one place. This is especially true when hitting the track for a quick day ride, when many of us do not bring a full tool set and we often find ourselves having to beg and borrow from other riders at the track. Because the Ready Pro includes 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, and 13 mm sockets, we were able to perform several small maintenance procedures and adjustments using just the Ready Pro. Adjusting levers, removing plastics to access the air filter and tightening spokes were all completed with ease.

We especially liked the magnetic sockets, which prevented us from dropping bolts all-over the shop floor like we usually do. The carrying pouch is also very nice; made from durable nylon cordura, it should stand up well to being thrown in a gear bag or tool box.

MISSES: Where the Ready Pro struggled was with bigger jobs, and tighter bolts. We performed an oil change during the test, and found that the adjustable t-handle did not provide enough leverage, making removing the drain bolts and properly tightening them difficult. For these tougher jobs we had to break out the trusty socket wrench. Because the design of the tool is different from what most of us have used in the past, it took some getting used to. At first we kept accidentally moving the locking collar while spinning the wrench, causing the sockets to fall out of the tool. However, with a little practice we got past that right away.

THE VERDICT: Overall, the Ready Pro gets the job done. For small maintenance and adjustment procedures it fits the bill. With a more substantial t-handle, the Ready Pro would be a perfect all-in-one bike maintenance tool. If you are looking for a small, portable tool-kit, designed with dirt bikes in mind, this is a good choice.

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