Professional BMX Rider Does a Backflip on His Honda 250F

It seems like more and more people have crossed the barrier that Cary Hart smashed so many years ago at the Gravity Games when he committed to sending his full size motorcycle upside down.

Some have taken a safer line and wisely tried to flip smaller bikes or done jumps with sand landings in case of a crash. Allan Cooke only knows one way to do things, and that’s 100%

There has always been motorcycles around in Allan’s family. His dad, Jim Cooke, raced professional motocross in the 60’s and 70’s and eventually became the R&D manager at Kawasaki. Allan has raced in some Crossover events at AMA rounds of Supercross and Motocross, but his busy schedule only allows him to ride a couple times per year. In 1999 there was serious talk of Allan entering a FMX event to qualify himself to ride at the Gravity Games, but he focused on BMX. Allan has won Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals in BMX Dirt, Street and Big Air at X Games and Gravity games contests.

Since 1999 the sport of FMX has changed dramatically. If you don’t have at least two flip tricks then you aren’t a top competitor any more.

Lucky for Allan some of the best in the business showed up to lend some helpful advice on the day that he went for the flip at Nate Adams house in Temecula. Brian Foster was there on the first day to get Allan over the jump for the first time. He even rode Allan’s bike over the super kicker to tell him exactly how much speed he needed. Ronnie Faisst, Drake McElroy and just back on the bike Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg all lent a hand in making the flip possible.

Brian Purdy, creator of BMX Videos “Drama” and “Sentenced to life” is also shooting a new video all in HD! The video “F this S” is set to come out June 2007 and Allan wanted to have a couple moto clips in the video.

Allan had never hit a super kicker ramp before like the one Travis Pastrana used at X Games to pull the unthinkable double back flip. He had gone off the more mellow transitioned ramps that are usually used for the longer distance FMX jump, but that was three years ago. Allan did use a FMX ramp for a lip when he set the Guinness World Record for longest back flip on a bicycle, but this was very different.

“Coming out of the berm I was laughing at myself because I couldn’t believe I was committed to leaning back off the jump” Allan. With Faisst, Twitch, Foster, Adams, Deegan and other top FMX stars looking on from the balcony of Nate Adams house it was time to go for it. Luckily the tips that all the guys gave him throughout the day paid off and he came down perfectly! He felt confident enough to send it two more times for Fuel TV, DC Shoes cameras and Brian Purdy’s HD Camera.

Look for video footage of the flip on Fuel’s “Weekend Update with Boost Mobile”, future DC Shoes ads and Brian Purdy’s video.

Allan is currently sponsored by Mountain Dew, Boost Mobile, DC Shoes, Bell helmets, Fox Racing, and Specialized bicycles