When Dr. Chris Leatt released the original Leatt-Brace in 2006, the safety of many disciplines of  sports, particularly cycling and motorsports, were instantly revolutionized. The brace and its two “shelves,” rigid construction, and energy dispersing design exposed how primitive foam rolls and collars were in sports that have athletes traveling across terrain at high rates of speed. In the seven years since, Dr. Leatt and his worldwide staff have continued to advance safety in motorsports, and with a number of new products slated for release in 2014, the company will take safety to another level. They refined their award-winning braces to better transfer energy throughout the body and have designed an all-new single-hinged knee brace that should improve rider safety and control.

The North American division of Leatt-Brace recently moved to a much larger office in Valencia, California, and invited a number of media outlets to see the new facility and safety products that will help grow the brand even more. We sat down with Dr. Leatt to discuss the number of topics that have come up in recent years, including the number of professional riders that have stopped wearing neck protection and what the future holds for Leatt-Brace.

Progression: Dr. Chris Leatt And The Future Of Leatt-Brace