Q&A with Vuillemin’s mechanic Craig Monty

TWMX: You’ve wrenched for several other riders in the past. How does David compare?

Monty: David has a lot of natural talent. He seems to be able to ride really smooth and adapt to tracks very quickly, whether they are Supercrosss tracks or outdoor tracks. He never seems to get arm pump, which was a big thing with other riders I’ve worked with in the past.

TWMX: What about his personality? Is David easy to get along with?

Monty: Overall, David and I get along well and he’s a good guy to wrench for. Everyone I’ve worked with so far has been really nice. Doug Henry and Sebastien Tortelli were great, and David is no different. He’s still young and likes to have fun, too, so we have a good time together.

TWMX: David has a really unique riding style. What must be done differently to the bike to compensate for that?

Monty: Surprisingly, not much. He is tall, so he runs his levers really high and his bars pretty far forward, but that’s about it. When I first started wrenching for him, I figured the bike would need to be set up differently, but he just seems to move around a lot while riding.

TWMX: Does David have any weird “Euro” habits?

Monty: No, as a matter of fact, he’s quite normal! The only thing that he does that is a little out of the ordinary is wear his “Michael Jackson” glove. It’s this glove that he only wears on one hand to prevent blisters: he gets them in Europe, and every time we go back, he stocks up on a bunch of them.

TWMX: David’s from France; did you guys ever have any problems with communication?

Monty: No, David actually has a really firm grasp on the English language. He has no problems understanding me, and vice versa. In France, they have to learn English at a young age, so he’s pretty good with it.

TWMX: Does David have what it takes to win a championship right away?

Monty: It’s hard to say, but I think he definitely showed a lot of that potential in last year’s Supercross season. He came pretty close to beating Jeremy. I know that he will win some races, and I believe he has the drive and the desire to do it¿he trains harder than almost everyone, and his life is all about racing. He also has some more confidence this year. Last year provided some great experience for him, so I think he’s ready to start winning again.