Race Factor Submits Proposal To Run VIP Hospitality Services

Proposal sent to Clear Channel Entertainment for Supercross and the NPG and AMA Pro Racing for the Outdoor Nationals.


or go to our home page www.racefactor.us

and click on Fan VIP Hospitality.

In a continuing effort to bring in additional value and amenities for the Fans and more support for Independent Privateers and this sport in general, Race Factor goes public with proposed VIP hospitality services at the races.

¿We are determined to get these programs implemented and get it done for both the Fans and Riders.¿  ¿We have resources available and the background in running successful VIP hospitality programs in the auto racing industry, but our first love and background is motocross–pure and simple.¿  We are looking to bring in revenue from outside the industry and draw on Fan support with promotions that give back the Fans, in order to help give back to the Riders who provide the entertainment that we all enjoy. 

We want the Industry, Fans, and Riders to know what Race Factor is trying to accomplish.  Many of you saw what we were doing at the Hangtown National and supported our efforts.  Thanks to the Fans, SDG, the Dirt Diggers, Troy Lee Designs, and some Race Factor startup cash, we were able to pay back six Independent Privateer Riders from our very first promotion.  We did not tap the industry to get this done as we paid for the SDG motorcycles that we raffled off, and we had no serious ¿inside¿ industry contacts going into setting this whole thing up.  The Riders we paid were registered with Race Factor and met all criteria as set forth in our program. Two Fans went away from Hangtown extremely stoked after winning two SDG Speed minis, Troy Lee helmets and a bunch of other swag.  Stay tuned to www.racefactor.us to find out where and when another SDG Speed Mini will be up for grabs sometime later this summer.

We know it takes a ton of hard work to make anything happen or make a change for the better. This sport needs to grow if we ever want to see it as a mainstay on the evening news where it should be. These riders need to be able to have a career in this sport, not just a select few. To have available to them the funds do compete on a competitive level and on competitive machinery for their safety and others. To be able to make it through an entire season and not just a few select races because that¿s all their budget will allow because there were not enough funds from the last race.

The industry is supporting itself and cannot grow like it needs to without major outside industry sponsorship as you see in Auto Racing.  The programs we are working on are fairly unique to this industry.  We believe that programs which support the Privateers, Fans, Sponsors, and the Industry as a whole in this truly one of a kind sport are all worthwhile causes.

We are asking for help from this Industry, the Fans, the Riders and Sponsors. With everyone¿s help we can get these programs running and help the Riders who need it while creating sponsorship opportunities and Fan interaction to take this sport to new levels.

Its not one person or company that will make the difference, it is all of us. 

We acknowledge and respect all Individuals, Organizations, Companies, and Sponsors that already do so much for the Riders and this sport.

We believe our programs and services are different of any that exist.  We are working to add or fill additional needs regarding Rider support while at the same time acknowledging the Fans and giving back to them as well. 

We¿re all about the Fans and the Riders, because we realize that without booth there wouldn¿t be any races.

We welcome anyone interested in our programs to contact us directly at info@racefactor.us.