Race Optics Evo Camera Kit Revolutionizes Helmet Camera Industry

Tempe, AZ (Feb.19, 2007) — Already setting the standard for high-quality helmet camera systems at the most competitive prices, RaceOptics.com is set to revolutionize the helmet-camera industry with the release of their newest product—the Evo Camera Kit.

Using only the latest in bullet camera technology, the Evo Camera Kit features the RO800 Digital Video Recorder—the highest quality digital video recorder on the market today—resulting in incredible image clarity and sharpness at a previously unheard of price! The recorder features dual recording mediums; a standard 30GB hard drive and up to 4GB SD card capabilities! Unlike other camera systems, the Evo Camera Kit uses a unique power system that eliminates the need for heavy external battery packs, its simple interface allowing you to focus on the race while other riders fuss around with clumsy camcorders and other awkward helmet camera setups.

The Evo Camera Kit contains everything you need to start filming immediately, including an inline remote control switch with lighted signal LEDs and a 3.5 LCD screen, giving you instant camera feedback and on-site video footage review. As an additional option the Evo Camera Kit provides a wireless radio-signal remote control for unparalleled camera control. Typical infrared remotes have a limited line-of-site operational range, but the Evo wireless remote signal penetrates glove boxes, trunk spacing, backpacks and other hazards that would render other camera controls useless!

The Evo Camera Kit offers an affordable, lightweight solution for your mobile video-capturing needs. Constructed using only the highest-quality products, the Evo Camera Kit is quickly becoming the benchmark for both commercial and personal portable video systems. With its innovative design and incredible value, the Evo Camera Kit truly is the most versatile and mobile helmet camera kit on the market today!

For photos, specs, and pricing, please visit www.RaceOptics.com