Race Report: 2007 Ford Mammoth Motocross
125 Pro, Intermediate, and Junior

Saturday was Lites racing day at Mammoth Mountain, and Nico Izzi, Ben LaMay, and Aaron Siminoe all turned in championship performances.


Tye Hames came out with all guns blazing as he pulled a respectable holeshot to start the 125 Pro Main Event on Saturday. Hames held the lead, followed closely by Wil Hahn across the finish line at the end of lap number one. Hames kept his KX250F out front for the first three laps, but then yielded to the pressure from a charging Nico Izzi, who had made it by Hahn for second place on about lap three. Once Izzi got out front, Hahn also made it past Hames, and the three maintained that running order to the end of the ten-lap affair, with Tyler Wharton and Bobby Garrison rounding out the top-five.


  1. Nico Izzi
  2. Wil Hahn
  3. Tye Hames
  4. Tyler Wharton
  5. Bobby Garrison
  6. Daniel Sani
  7. Jase Lewis
  8. Tyler Keefe
  9. Darryn Durham
  10. Nathan Tiearney
  11. Andy Bakken
  12. Nathan Whitlow
  13. Timothy Weigand
  14. Topher Ingalls
  15. Cole Seely
  16. Justin Posey
  17. Josh Brown
  18. Tony Evans
  19. Travis Smith
  20. Matt Armstrong


Although he finished second in his qualifier earlier in the day, a Yamaha-mounted Ben LaMay dominated the 125 Intermediate Main Event. Ben jumped out to the early lead, and cruised home to a seemingly easy victory. Behind LaMay, Terren Odell held off a late charge from Derek Rogers to hang onto second place.


  1. Ben LaMay
  2. Terren Odell
  3. Derek Rogers
  4. Travis Freistat
  5. Taylor Bittner
  6. Nick Paluzzi
  7. Brandon Brady
  8. Jame Lanza
  9. Casey Huntley
  10. Buck Ford
  11. Josh Huerta
  12. Nick Brown
  13. Jonathan Davis
  14. Billy Rosser
  15. Beau Weigand
  16. JP Reddy
  17. Wil McDonough
  18. Will Luna
  19. Brian Bebeck
  20. Scott Boston


Aaron Siminoe took the win in the 125 JR Main, followed by Gared Steinke and Mitchel Alcorn.


  1. Aaron Siminoe
  2. Gared Steinke
  3. Mitchel Alcorn
  4. Jordan Borowski
  5. Travis Foos
  6. Hayden Commans
  7. Jarrett Kovacs
  8. Chris Pulliam
  9. Danny Pacini
  10. Zach Peddie
  11. Christian Kinney
  12. Drew Weaver
  13. Sandy Rohrs
  14. Brad Lopez
  15. Mason McBride
  16. Brad Thompson
  17. Marcus Carrillo
  18. Scott Agostini
  19. Luca Nastrini
  20. David Williams

Check back in Monday Kickstart for more results, news, and photos from Mammoth.