For the first time in nearly a month, the Supercross show enjoyed a full Saturday without the threat of rain. Instead, the sun shined down into Angel Stadium and welcomed a regular practice schedule with 70-plus degree weather and a highly technical track, complete with a wall of death and an over-under section. With a tight points chase led by Ryan Dungey in the premier 450 class, the racing was guaranteed to be exciting in the final round of Supercross in California. In the Lites class, Monster Energy Pro Circuit's Jake Weimer enjoyed a comfortable points lead over Geico Powersports Honda's Trey Canard, but it was still anyone's game heading into the West Coast Lites hiatus.

Lites Qualifying

464y0031Monster Energy Pro Circuit's Josh Hansen won an easy holeshot in the first heat race of the night, and pulled away quickly. Geico Powersports Honda's Blake Wharton settled into second place early followed by DNA/Shred Stix/Star Racing's Broc Tickle. The top three riders checked out from the rest of the field almost immediately, showing they had clearly dialed in the track in practice. Before qualifying, Hansen told us he was not riding well, and was frustrated with his showing in practice. He said he’d be reviewing some video footage and trying to smooth over by race time. Apparently, the time back at the Pro Circuit semi paid off, as he easily won the heat.
The second heat of the night took a gnarly turn for the worst, when Max Anstie wadded up trying to reel in Jake Weimer, who was engaged in an intense battle with Trey Canard; so intense, that when the red and red-cross flags came out, the two disregarded them and continued their battle for nearly another complete lap. Weimer had won the holeshot, but Canard passed him over the wall; from there, the two put on a show until Anstie, who was well on his way to catching the two riders, unintentionally hit the eject button.
The red flags forced a restart, but Jake Weimer repeated his first start with another holeshot. Wil Hahn and Trey Canard settled in second and third early. Sean Borkenhagen moved into fourth, but Jeff Alessi overtook the position. Hahn showed Weimer a wheel more than once over the course of the heat, but Weimer held on for the win.

Lites Main Event

At the drop of the gate, Wil Hahn grabbed a solid holeshot and started pulling away instantly. Before the end of the first lap, he already had a one second lead on second place, Trey Canard, and third place, Jake Weimer. The three riders who battled in their heat seemed poised to do battle. By the second lap, Canard was determined to not let the opportunity slip away, and quickly made up the gap, passing Hahn over the first triple. From first back to fourth place Broc Tickle, who had suddenly become a player, there was only about a one and a half second gap.

464y0078On lap three, after passing Hahn, Weimer had a fall in the turn before the finish that knocked him way back in the pack, as he was unable to restart his bike until he was in dead last. Tickle was the man on the move though, seizing the opportunity, and passing Hahn for second place. Further back Blake Wharton was able to make his way around part time FMF/KTM rider, PJ Larsen for fourth place. But out front, Canard was not messing around, laying down some of the fastest laps of the evening to inch away from second place and hold a comfortable cushion over second place by five seconds. Way back, Weimer was forced to push his way back up through the pack and with five laps remaining in the race, had moved up to 12th position.


As the laps wound down, it was apparent that Canard was on a different level than the rest of the pack. A nice cushion over second place saw him push all the way to the finish for his second win of the season. Although Weimer's eighth place finish is probably not enough to push Canard into the lead, it will not hurt the Geico rider's confidence as the West Coast Lites heads into a break.  Rounding out the top three were Broc Tickle and Wil Hahn. A notable finish goes to PJ Larsen in fifth in only his second ride aboard a borrowed machine.



1)    Trey Canard
2)    Broc Tickle
3)    Wil Hahn
4)    Blake Wharton
5)    PJ Larsen
6)    Phil Nicoletti
7)    Travis Baker
8)    Jake Weimer
9)    AnotonioBalbi
10)    Jeff Alessi
11)    Ryan Clark
12)    Sean Borkenhagen
13)    Hunter Hewitt
14)    Eric McCrummen
15)    Bob Kiniry
16)    Chris Gosselaar
17)    Josh Hansen
18)    T. Reidman
19)    Tiger Lacey
20)    Hugo Dagod

Supercross Qualifying

Points leader Ryan Dungey jumped out for the first 450 holeshot of the night, with Matt Boni nipping at his heels. Kevin Windham, however, snuck up on Boni and stole the second-place spot. From there, Windham kept Dungey honest, showing him a wheel more than once over the course of the heat. Davi Millsaps moved himself into third, building a comfortable gap between he and the rest of the field. Dungey eventually created a bit of space on Windham, and in turn, Windham did the same with Millsaps. After 8 laps, Dungey, again, chatted with "Lurch" on the podium about his heat race win.

Josh Hill, aboard his San Manuel Yamaha, grabbed a big holeshot over JGRMX's Justin Brayton. Meanwhile, MotoConcepts Yamaha's Dan Reardon had his hands full with Ryan Villopoto. RV2 set his sights on Brayton, but the JGR rider kept the pace with Hill. Jason Lawrence looked great in his return to racing, and looked like he would reel in Reardon and Tedesco who were putting in solid laps, but a fall, which forced him to kick over his bike, kept him form qualifying and sent him to the LCQ. Hill took the win, with Brayton and Villopoto rounding out the top three.

Supercross Main Event

With the customary burst of flames the Supercross class shot off the line with Ryan Villopoto getting the jump on the rest of the class. Behind the green machine were Josh Hill, Davi Millsaps, Kevin Windham and Ryan Dungey…essentially every top qualifier from earlier in the evening. But as the laps began to click off, the top five were running in a freight train fashion, albeit one with some very long cars, as the contenders were evenly space about a half second apart from each other.


Millsaps finaly began to pressure Hill, but caught off guard, Windham made a quick move for third. And only a lap later, Dungey used his momentum to carry him past the Red Bull Honda rider as well.. Hill seemed unable to put a good charge on the leader, and the only other rider really moving through the pack, Dungey, was stuck back in fourth.


On the 12th lap, as things seemed to be settling down, Dungey tried for an inside move on Windham after the finishline, but spun out in the slick corner, leaving the door open for Millsaps to repass the Suzuki rider, dropping Dungey back to fifth.


But out front it was the RV show, as he continued to lay down blazing lap times, and seemed especially comfortable in the rough sandy corner section. In the closing laps, most riders had settled into their respective positions, although Dungey was able to pass Millsaps back for fourth place. At the finish it was Villopoto, Hill, Windham, and Dungey. The finishes will tie Hill and Dungey for the championship lead heading into the first East Coast round next weekend in Indianapolis.


1)    Ryan Villopoto
2)    Josh Hill
3)    Kevin Windham
4)    Ryan Dungey
5)    Davi Millsaps
6)    Justin Brayton
7)    Kyle Chisolm
8)    Michael Byrne
9)    Dan Reardon
10)    Nick Wey
11)    Ivan Tedesco
12)    Chris Blose
13)    Grant Langston
14)    Jarred Jet Browne
15)    Fabien Izoird
16)    Cyrille Coulon
17)    Justin Keeney
18)    Weston Peick
19)    Jason Thomas
20)    Matt Boni