Race Report:
2007 Ford Mammoth Motocross
250 Pro, Intermediate, & Junior

The final day of racing at the 2007 Mammoth Motocross saw Ryan Hughes take the win in the 250 Pro Main, while Ben LaMay was the champion in the Intermediate class, and Travis Foos won in the Junior division.


Wil Hahn and Kevin Rookstool were axle-to-axle as the pack rocketed down the big downhill to start Sunday’s 250 Pro Main. Not far behind the two lead dogs were Ryan Hughes, Nico Izzi, and Bobby Garrison. Right from the start the race was shaping up as one of the best we’ve watched in a long time.

By the end of lap number one Rookstool held the lead and Hughes had moved into second, followed by Hahn, Izzi, and Garrison. Rookstool did his best to hold off Ryno, and for a few laps it looked like he might have a chance to keep him at bay, but on about lap three Hughes took the inside line in the big 180 degree left-hander before the finish line to close the gap, and on the following lap Ryno overtook the lead. Rookstool, however, didn’t give up easily; staying within reach of Hughes and passing him back briefly at one point. But by the next lap Ryno held a commanding lead, and wouldn’t face any other serious challenges.

The race, however, was far from over, as the rest of the podium was still to be decided. Rookstool had fallen back to third place behind Hahn in second, and Izzi was just behind them in fourth. Garrison—who was looking very strong—fell after the finish line tabletop and after struggling to refire his bike, dropped further back in the pack and Ironman would eventually have to settle for 17th.

At one point Izzi had moved past Rookstool into third place, but a crash on the big downhill pushed him back to an eventual fifth place finish. That left Rookstool and Hahn to battle it out for second place, and when it was over, Rookstool would be the one to grab the runner-up position.


  1. Ryan Hughes
  2. Kevin Rookstool
  3. Wil Hahn
  4. Timothy Weigand
  5. Nico Izzi
  6. Kyle Partridge
  7. Tyler Keefe
  8. Doug Dubach
  9. Tanner Langham
  10. Robby Bell
  11. Kyle Kubitschek
  12. Nathan Whitlow
  13. Tyler Wharton
  14. Nathan Tiearney
  15. Ty Davis
  16. Charlie Morrison
  17. Bobby Garrison
  18. Mark Samuels
  19. Buffalo Soito
  20. Ben Schrik


Ben LaMay put a beating on the rest of the field in the 250 Intermediate Main; leading all ten laps of the race and finishing a good seven to ten seconds ahead of Terren Odell in second place.


  1. Ben LaMay
  2. Terren Odell
  3. Jamie Lanza
  4. Brandon Brady
  5. Nick Baker
  6. Travis Freistant
  7. Derek Rogers
  8. Buck Ford
  9. Dustin Pipes
  10. Adam Conway
  11. Adam Lane
  12. Wil McDonough
  13. Austin White
  14. Billy Rosser
  15. Brandon Kovacs
  16. Adam Fink
  17. Darwyn Yager
  18. Brian Bebeck
  19. Trevor Allred
  20. Jonathan Davis


Travis Foos came out on top in the 250 Junior class.


  1. Travis Foos
  2. Mitchel Alcom
  3. Tyler Enticknap
  4. Brad Thompson
  5. Evan Pflock
  6. Jordan Borowski
  7. Danny Pacini
  8. Jack Cox
  9. Brian Evans
  10. David Williams
  11. Jack Bartholomew
  12. Cody Young
  13. Todd Caldwell
  14. Sean Friday
  15. Keith Robinson
  16. Sandy Rohrs
  17. Brent Bowser
  18. Hayden Commans
  19. Chad Cole
  20. Chris Pulliam