Race Report:
AMA Supermoto Season Finale

The AMA Supermoto season came to an end in Long Beach on Sunday with Troy Lee Designs Duel at the Docks. The Supermoto Finale course ran along the California coast with the Queen Mary in the background. Our man on the street, Ed Subias, was on-hand to bring back these photos and racing highlights…

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Chris Fillmore took the early lead only to surrender it to Jeff Ward halfway through the first lap. After Ward took over the front spot, he took off from the rest of the pack with Superpole winner Mark Burkhart in tow. Burkhart edged closer to Ward as the race wore on, and with a few laps left was a few bike lengths within Ward. On the last lap Burkhart was mere inches behind Ward when they got into the dirt section for the final time. Ward bobbled a little trying to get by some lappers and Burkhart actually tapped Ward out of the way and scooted by for the victory in front of a highly enthusiastic crowd. 2nd place was enough for Ward to clinch his 2nd AMA Supermoto Championship.

Super Moto Race One Results:

  1. Mark Burkhart
  2. Jeff Ward
  3. Doug Henry
  4. Chris Fillmore
  5. Troy Herfoss
  6. Jurgen Kunzel
  7. Jason Conlon
  8. Steve Drew
  9. Travis Marks
  10. Joe Kopp



David Pingree rocketed out of the starting area and never looked back. He led the race every inch of the way, but had a hard charging Brandon Currie breathing down his neck the last few laps, ultimately edging out Currie for the win by 0.194 seconds. Cassidy Anderson rode a very aggressive first few laps, then toned down his pace to take a safe 5th place, good enough to clinch the AMA Supermoto lites crown, and also his first AMA championship.

Supermoto Lites Results:

  1. David Pingree
  2. Brandon Currie
  3. Dalton Dimick
  4. Robbie Horton
  5. Cassidy Anderson
  6. Josh Chisum
  7. Steve hatch
  8. Alexandre Thiebault
  9. Matt Purlsey
  10. Casey Yarrow



The race started off with a scary crash involving Troy Herfoss and Alex Thiebault both of the Husquarna factory team when they came together in the first turn, resulting in the race being red flagged. Fortunately neither of the two riders were seriously injured. Micky Dymond grabbed the lead off the restart and built up a sizeable gap between himself and Benny Carlson, they stayed like that till the finish. Carlson’s 2nd place clinched him the AMA Supermoto Unlimited championship. KTM head honcho Kurt Nicoll snatched up 3rd position.

Supermoto Unlimited Results:

  1. Micky Dymond
  2. Ben Carlson
  3. Kurt Nicoll
  4. Henry Wiles
  5. Justin Ross
  6. Cory Gabbert
  7. Alex McElyea
  8. Nick Daniels
  9. Mike Bergman
  10. Don Wanat



With the title determined and nothing to lose, Jeff Ward showed that he is the fastest man in the Supermoto class by taking a wire to wire win. Doug Henry and Chris Fillmore had a heated battle for 2nd place with Henry just nipping him at the finsh line. Mike Meztger scored a highly popular 5th place in the 2nd race.

Supermoto Race Two Results:

  1. Jeff Ward
  2. Doug Henry
  3. Chris Fillmore
  4. Jurgen Kunzel
  5. Mike Metzger
  6. Kiyoshi Saai
  7. Steve Drew
  8. Jason Conlon
  9. Travis Marks
  10. Joe Kopp


Other Tidbits

  • Freestyle stars Carey Hart, Drake McEElroy, Ronnie Renner, and Mike Meztger all easily qualifed to compete in the Supermoto class mains.
  • Mitch Payton was seen eagle eyeing the supermoto scene. He had a business like attitude all day Sunday and looked to be more than just a curious spectator.
  • Honda brought out two Factory CRF450’s for Formula Extreme Champ Josh Hayes. Josh’s day ended early after only completing two laps in the first Supermoto class race and not starting the second race.
  • Jeremy McGrath showed up to spectate and it was definately good to see him mingling with the crowd and in cruising around the pits in great condition after his scary get off a short while ago.

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