Tuesday, August 22nd the opening round of TransWorld’s Masters of Mini Pit Bike Series kicked off and boasted 167 entries -- on a Tuesday!

Every year the annual Marshfield Fair hosts a Big Bike Supercross race on Wednesday. It has been going on for over 6 years and attracts the top name local riders in the New England Area. This year MoM got to piggy back the popular event put on by Dana Johnson and the South Shore Promotions crew. Dana invited the Master’s of Mini to lead in the program with a Tuesday night event. Riders came from allover the place -- MA, ME, NH, CT, RI, NY, NJ and even as far away as PA!

The day started off with a lengthy practice session for everyone followed by intense racing in front of the fairground spectators. In fact, half of the classes needed qualifiers to get down to the 16 person main events, which were held under the fairground lights.

In the end the strongest survived Round 1, but with three rounds left it is anyone’s guess who will be taking home the crown and heading to Vegas in May to compete in the biggest little event on the planet -- The Mini Moto SX.

The Round 1 Podiums looked like this:

College Boy (18-24)
1. #15 Jesse Rosetti
2. #17 Jay Lawrence
3. #508 David Souza

Seniors (25 +)
1. #50 Paul Letendre
2. #62 Jay Ablaza
3. #71 Mike Letendre

Groms (14-17)
1. #63 Todd Chrasciel
2. #92 Adam Sabastian
3. $96 Robert Greggerson

Fat Boy (200lbs+)
1. #50 Paul Letendre
2. #94 Matt Gronowicz
3. #773 Mike Bergeron

Poor Boy (49cc)
1. #10 Mike Moore
2. #46 Brian Reyenger
3. #45 Chris Wessling

Modified (50-89cc)
1. #19 Cody Madore
2. #44 Thomas Healy
3. #93 Jason Healy

Limited (90-110cc, up to 12 rear)
1. #92 Adam Sabastian
2. #41 Eli Moore
3. #96 Robert Greggerson

Unlimited (111+cc, up to 12 rear)
1. #63 Todd Chrasciel
2. #171 Mark Delorenzo
3. #62 Jay Ablaza

For complete results list visit www.hutchmotorsports.com

Round 2 is at Rocky Hill MX Park in CT on Sunday October 1st. Sign ups are at 9am. For more information please check back on www.transworldmx.com and search “Masters of Mini or contact any of our shop sponsors: Need For Speed Racing, Pete’s Cycle & Sled, Chaplin Kawasaki, Keene Motorsports, Cycles 128, Manchaester Sports Center, and Hutch Motorsports.

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