Race Report:
Z1R Helmets WMA Cup

After three days of great amateur racing for both the men and women, the WMA pros took to the track for the 4th Annual Z1R Helmets WMA Cup on Sunday, November 26th. The morning was cool and slightly overcast with a light breeze, the track had been groomed nice and deep and the crowd was looking forward to some great racing. As it turned out, they were not disappointed.

In the first moto, Jessica Patterson grabbed the lead early in the race and held on all the way to the checkered flag. Tarah Geiger pushed hard for the whole moto but wasn’t able to get close enough to make a pass. Alisa Nix put in a great ride to grab third, and Casaundra Regal out of Kemp, TX finished a solid fourth with Vanessa Florentino rounding out the top five.

The second moto saw JP take the holeshot, with Ashley Boham not far behind. Elizabeth Bash, Vanessa Florentino and Alisa Nix also got great starts. As the riders made their way over the first jump, Tarah Geiger was nowhere to be seen. She was sitting at the gate with a mechanical problem--apparently she lost her fuel screw. Eventually her mechanic managed to get it fixed, but by the time Tarah left the gate, Patterson was just about to complete lap one. Desperately trying to catch up to the pack, Tarah rode like a woman possessed, not only keeping from being lapped, but catching and passing a few riders. When it was all over, Jessica Patterson continued her WMA dominance with a win in moto two, giving her a one-one performance that secured the overall. Alisa Nix took second in the final moto, Vanessa Florentino third, Elizabeth Bash fourth and Germany’s Alex Haupt in fifth.

Also of note were two riders making their WMA pro debuts; Tatum Sik and Meika Cornelius, both of whom turned in consistent rides, Tatum finished 7-9, for eighth overall; and Meika ran 12-10 for tenth overall.

Z1R Helmets WMA Cup Overall Results:

  1. Jessica Patterson 1-1
  2. Alisa Nix 3-2
  3. Vanessa Florentino 5-3
  4. Elizabeth Bash 6-4
  5. Tarah Geiger 2-12
  6. Ashley Boham 9-6
  7. Alex Haupt 11-5
  8. Tatum Sik 7-9
  9. Katie McGuire 10-8
  10. Meika Cornelius 12-10
  11. April Zastrow 8-15
  12. Lindsey Jelitto 13-11
  13. Casaundra Regal 4-DNF
  14. Penni Cyrus 18-7
  15. Alyssa Weaver 15-13
  16. Kaide Garrett 14-14
  17. Chris Blewett 17-16
  18. Angela Keith 16-17
  19. Gloria DeCarli 19-DNF