Race Report – Budd’s Creek

AMA Toyota Motocross Championships presented by FMF
Budd’s Creek, MD
Round 7 of 12 – July 13th, 2008

by Kyle Cowling

The sun was out and beating down on the riders and fans this weekend at the seventh round of the AMA Toyota Motocross Championships at Budd’s Creek. Although the weather was hot and the track was rough, it didn’t stop the dominance of a couple of riders. Ryan Villopoto was able to win both motos in convincing fashion and James Stewart walked away with a 1-1 finish and continues to complete the perfect season.


In the opening moto of the day, it was Rockstar/Makita/Suzuki rider Ryan Dungey who took the holeshot. However, the newly crowned Lites East Coast Regional SX champ, Trey Canard, wasted no time finding his way round the factory Suzuki pilot to take over the lead. Dungey’s teammate Nico Izzi also found his way the 28 machine to take over the second spot. Torco Racing Fuels Honda rider Josh Grant suffered from a terrible start and was forced to slice his way through the field. Within in a few laps, defending Outdoor National champion Ryan Villopoto found his way around Dungey, Izzi, and Canard to take over lead. As usual, it was a battle for second once the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki rider took charge of the lead. Izzi would run up front for the first half of the moto before fading all the way to eighth place. A few positions back from the leaders, Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Brett Metcalfe and Torco Racing Fuels Honda rider Jake Weimer were going at it for the fourth spot. Weimer didn’t give into the pressure of Metty and went on to take the fourth position. As the checkered flag waved it was Villopoto, Canard, Dungey, Weimer, and Metcalfe rounding out the top five. Canard’s teammate Grant was able to work his way up to ninth after a 40th place start.

1. Ryan Villopoto
2. Trey Canard
3. Ryan Dungey
4. Jake Weimer
5. Brett Metcalfe
6. Ryan Sipes
7. Kyle Cunningham
8. Nico Izzi
9. Joshua Grant
10. Martin Davalos


Once the gated dropped for the first moto of the Motocross class, James Stewart took the holeshot with Rockstart/Makita/Suzuki pilot Michael Byrne in the second spot. Burner was only up front for a few laps before he got caught in a rut and found himself just outside of the top five. With the mistake from Byrne, that allowed Red Bull Honda rider Andrew Short and Stewart’s teammate, Tim Ferry, to take command of the second and third spot. Meanwhile, New Zealander, Cody Cooper was on the move. Cooper was able to hunt down Davi Millsaps and wasted no time moving his way around the Honda rider to put himself inside the top five. Back up front, Stewart had checked out from the field and Red Dog was all over the 29 machine trying to take over the second. After being pressured by Ferry, Shorty eventually gave into the hard charging Monster Energy Kawasaki rider and slipped to the third spot. Factory Yamaha rider, Josh Hill finished a respectable fourth place and Cody Cooper rounded out the top five.

1. James Stewart
2. Tim Ferry
3. Andrew Short
4. Josh Hill
5. Cody Cooper
6. Davi Millsaps
7. Michael Byrne
8. Nick Wey
9. Jeff Alessi
10. Shaun Skinner


It was two Torco Racing Fuels Hondas that rocketed out to the first turn first. Trey Canard took the holeshot with teammate Josh Grant close in toe. Ryan Dungey and Ryan Villopoto ran third and fourth at the conclusion of the first lap. RV2 once again wasted no time moving his way into the first spot, leaving Canard to ride a distant second and Dungey not too far behind Canard. Grant would eventually pull off the track after suffering from some bike problems. While Grant was unable to finish the moto, fourth place finisher in moto one, Jake Weimer ran into some bad luck and found himself running as far back as 30th place. The bad luck seemed to continue for the folks under the Toro Racing Fuels Honda tent when Canard swapped out and hit a lapper. Trey was down for a while, however he was able to get up and ride off the track on his own power. While Villopoto continued to extend his lead, Dungey was running a comfortable second place, but further behind the two leaders was a three-way battle between MDK/KTM’s Martin Davalos, Ryan Sipes, and Brett Metcalfe. Sipes would end up getting the short end of the stick after washing out in a corner and losing a couple of positions. Davalos was able to hold off Metty to capture the last podium spot while RV2 took another win with Dungey in the second spot.

1. Ryan Villopoto
2. Ryan Dungey
3. Martin Davalos
4. Brett Metcalfe
5. Kyle Cunningham
6. Nico Izzi
7. Ryan Sipes
8. Justin Brayton
9. Kyle Chisholm
10. Broc Tickle

Motocross Lites Overall Results:

1. Ryan Villopoto 1-1
2. Ryan Dungey 3-2
3. Brett Metcalfe 5-4
4. Martin Davalos 10-3
5. Kyle Cunningham 7-5
6. Ryan Sipes 6-7
7. Nico Izzi 8-6
8. Trey Canard 2-30
9. Jake Weimer 4-19
10. Justin Brayton 15-8
11. Kyle Chisholm 16-9
12. Andrew McFarlane 13-13
13. Matthew Lemoine 12-14
14. Broc Tickle 18-10
15. Wil Hahn 9-35
16. Joshua Grant 9-35
17. Thomas Hahn 11-31
18. Robert Kiniry 35-12
19. Ryan Morias 19-15
20. Jake Moss 14-32

Motocross Lites Overall Points:

1. Ryan Villopoto 341
2. Ryan Dungey 238
3. Brett Metcalfe 198
4. Jake Weimer 187
5. Nico Izzi 154
6. Austin Stroupe 152
7. Trey Canard 149
8. Ryan Sipes 130
9. Jason Lawrence 120
10. Dan Reardon 116


It seemed to be a repeat of moto one as James Stewart once again grabbed the holeshot and checked out from the rest of the 40-rider field. Andrew Short was in second place and Michael Byrne ran third. Tim Ferry was mired somewhere back in the pack, however, Red Dog was attacking early and moved his way all the way into third place within a few laps. A bit further back in the pack was Joe Gibbs Racing’s Joshua Summey and Red Bull Honda’s Davi Millsaps in a battle of their own for seventh. Unfortunately, the two riders tangled in a corner; Millsaps was slow at getting up and both riders eventually pulled of the track and were unable to finish. Back up front, Ferry was able to close the six-second gap that separated himself from the second place position and started working on Short. As always, Ferry came on strong late in the moto to move around Shorty for the second spot. At the conclusion of the second moto it was Stewart, Ferry, Short, Byrne, and Cooper rounding out the top five.

1. James Stewart
2. Tim Ferry
3. Andrew Short
4. Michael Byrne
5. Cody Cooper
6. Josh Hill
7. Nick Wey
8. Jimmy Albertson
9. Paul Carpenter
10. Jeff Alessi

Motocross Class Overall Results:

1. James Stewart 1-1
2. Tim Ferry 2-2
3. Andrew Short 3-3
4. Josh Hill 4-6
5. Michael Byrne 7-4
6. Cody Cooper 5-5
7. Nick Wey 8-7
8. Jimmy Albertson 11-8
9. Jeff Alessi 9-10
10. Paul Carpenter 14-9
11. Shaun Skinner 10-13
12. Antonio Balbi 13-12
13. Jason Thomas 12-14
14. Davi Millsaps 6-35
15. Matt Boni 38-11
16. Michael Willard 32-15
17. Kevin Rookstool 15-27
18. Jack Carpenter 36-16
19. Chris Blose 16-33
20. Jacob Morrison 24-17

Motocross Class Overall Points:

1. James Stewart 350
2. Tim Ferry 245
3. Mike Alessi 221
4. Andrew Short 221
5. Davi Millsaps 203
6. Michael Byrne 198
7. Nick Wey 162
8. Jeff Alessi 143
9. Cody Cooper 134
10. Josh Hill 123