The outdoor season finally got underway today, with a much anticipated race that has set the tone for the rest of the series.  Surprises were commonplace on the very demanding Glen Helen circuit that all riders agreed, was rough to say the least.  Please check out the race report from each moto of the 450, 250, and WMA classes below.  Just click on the separate pages below. One thing is for certain this season in both classes: this season will be anything but predictable.

450 Class: First Moto

Rockstar/Makita/Suzuki's Mike Alessi, as could be expected, grabbed the first holeshot of the year, followed by Toyota/JGR/Yamaha's Josh Grant and Red Bull Honda rider Andrew Short.  Although Monster Kawasaki's Ryan Villopoto had started in fifth place, he quickly moved into third and then second as Alessi made a bobble allowing Grant and Villopoto to slip by.

Further back, Rockstar/Makita/Suzuki's Chad Reed had a less than desirable start around the 12th spot but was quickly making his way toward the front and by the end of lap three was in about seventh place. Meanwhile Grant was running very strong up front and was maintaining a one second lead over Villopoto and two seconds over Alessi as the lead pack began to distance themselves.  Reed was a still on the move and was up to sixth place as the race neared the halfway mark.  Short and his teammate, Davi Millsaps, held down fourth and fifth respectively.

Other notable rides were Canidae/Motosport/Kawasaki's Tommy Hahn in seventh in his first 450 outing and Mike Brown in eighth after coming off of the WORCS series.  Another notable ride was ricky dietrich who passed many notable names including josh hill on his way up to ninth place.

Villopoto authoritatively began closing the gap on Grant and by the mid-way point was hot on the JGR rider's heel. The battle did not last long though as Villopoto made short work of Grant and immediately had a one second gap.  Reed continued to move forward in the closing laps as he began putting serious pressure on Andrew Short, trying to make passes on several occasions and trying various line choices and was eventually able to get around the Honda rider for fourth position.

At the finish, it was Villopoto taking his first ever 450 win, followed by Grant, Alessi, Reed, Short, and Millsaps.

450 Class Second Moto

Mike Alessi took his customary holeshot, again followed by Josh Grant and Andrew Short; a near carbon copy of the first moto start.  However, this time around Alessi made a point of opening up some space between himself and Grant.

With a much better start this time around.  Chad Reed was in fourth heading into the second lap and seemed determined to make a better finish.  Not surprisingly, first moto winner Ryan Villopoto began putting pressure on Reed as the Suzuki star went to work on short.  Alessi continued to open up his lead and was about seven seconds ahead, as Villopoto had already worked his way around reed. Reed must have made a mistake somewhere in the back section as he lost some ground.

Nearing the half way mark, Alessi was doing exactly what he needed to do, putting fast consistent laps in while the Villopoto, Grant, and Reed fought over second. The result was a 15 second gap from first.  However, once Villopoto was able to get around Grant he put in a hard charge and within one lap had closed the gap significantly.

Heading up the tricky rutted up hill on Mt. St. Helen, Alessi had a very close call swapping out over all three singles before righting himself at the top of the hill.  Mere laps later Villopoto had closed within a few bike lengths of Alessi but the Suzuki rider became aware of his presence, getting a great drive heading up Mt St Helen and opened up the gap.

One lap later however, Villopoto fought his way back, as Alessi made a small bobble in a soft berm, not getting the drive he needed for a trickly uphill triple.  Villopoto did get the drive and literally jumped over Alessi to claim first and evetually take the win two laps later.

Overall Results Moto Scores

1)    Ryan Villopoto     1-1
2)    Michael Alessi      3-2
3)    Josh Grant           2-4
4)    Chad Reed          4-3
5)    Davi Millsaps       6-5
6)    Thomas Hahn      7-6
7)    Mike Brown         8-7
8)    Cody Cooper       11-12
9)    Weston Peick      13-11
10)    Andrew Short    5-21
Points Standings

1) Ryan Villopoto     50pts.
2) Mike Alessi          42
3) Josh Grant           40
4) Chad Reed           38
5) Davi Millsaps       31
6) Tommy Hahn       29
7) Mike Brown          27
8 ) Cody Cooper       19
9) Weston Peick       18
10) Andrew Short    16

250 Class: First Moto

Geico Powersports/Honda's Trey Canard was able to grab another holeshot after taking the initial start that was red flagged.  He was followed by his new teammate Justin Barcia who took over the lead as the pack headed into the back section of the track. At the second lap the top two remained the same followed by Muscle Milk/MDK/KTM rider, Tommy Searle. By lap three Monster/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki's Christophe Pourcel and Dungey had moved into third and fourth with Blake Wharton in tow.

As the laps clicked off the top five became more and more compact as the duo of Pourcel and Dungey kept charging forward. Behind the lead were Geico Powersports/Honda's Blake Wharton in sixth and Monster/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki's Tyla Rattray in seventh followed closely by Brett Metcalfe of Geico Powersports/Honda and Monster/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki's Jake Weimer.

Back up front was an excellent four-way battle. Pourcel felt no need to wait and began presurring the lead Honda teammates. Suddenly Dungey picked up the pace and went from fourth to second in half a lap. Canard dropped back to fourth almost at the same time but remained right on Pourcel’s tail.

Amazingly out front was Barcia, in his very first pro race, holding off advances from the other more experienced riders and seemed to know what he was doing out front. That is until a small mistake in the far back section dropped the rookie from first to fourth in two corners. Pourcel and Dungey inherited the lead and within one lap had begun to pull out. Barcia on, the other hand was quickly moving back and was passed by Searle and feeling pressure from Rattray as the race hit the halfway mark.

In the closing laps Pourcel began putting some distance on Dungey with about a four second gap with Canard another five seconds back. The finishing order would be Pourcel, Dungey, and Canard.

250 Class: Second Moto

This time around Justin Barcia wasted no time getting out front and quickly made some distance on second place Tommy Searle and third place Tyla Rattray. Trey Canard briefly worked his way around Rattray but was re-passed a short time later.

From seconnd to fifth place there was only about a one second gap from Rattray, Searle, Ryan Dungey, and Brett Metcalfe what would eventually be the entire moto.  First moto winner Christophe Pourcel did not get the best of starts as he was forced to fight with Blake Wharton and Brett Metcalfe for seventh.

With the sun rapidly setting, the second moto hit the halfway mark with rookie Barcia still holding the helm in front of the quickly advancing duo of Rattray and Dungey.  A short while later, Dungey made the move for second while the freight train of Searle, Metcalfe, Wharton, Stroupe, and Pourcel followed a few seconds back.

In the closing laps Dungey was finally able to make the pass on Barcia who was starting to come under some intense pressure from Rattray. If the young rider could hold out he would have a chance for a moto podium.

Either the lead pack was slowing down or the others were speeding up, either way, suddenly there was not much of a gap from Dungey all the way back to struope in sixth. Rattray had finally made his move on Barcia, but now Searle was on him as well, ready to capitalize on any mistakes. Still it was too little too late as Dungey took the win and overall. Rounding out the overall podium were Pourcel and Rattray.

Overall Results Moto Scores

1)    Ryan Dungey             2-1
2)    Christophe Pourcel    1-7
3)    Tyla Rattray               5-2
4)    Tommy Searle           4-4
5)    Trey Canard              3-8
6)    Justin Barcia              9-3
7)    Brett Metcalfe            7-6
8)    Jake Weimer              6-9
9)    Austin Stroupe         13-5
10)    Blake Wharton        8-10

Points Standings

1)    Ryan Dungey              47 pts.
2)    Christophe Pourcel     39
3)    Tyla Rattray                38
4)    Tommy Searle            36
5)    Trey Canard               33
6)    Justin Barcia               32
7)    Brett Metcalfe             29
8)    Jake Weimer               27
9)    Austin Stroupe           24
10)     Blake Wharton         24

WMA First Moto

Red Bull Honda's newest rider and current WMA champ, Ashley Fiolek, grabbed a massive holeshot ahead of Brazilian rider Mariana Balbi and Kawasaki's Sarah Price. By the end of the first lap, Fiolek had a two second lead over Price followed by Cernic's Suzuki rider, Sheri Cruse and Jessica Patterson on her Honda of Houston machine. The lead group of four were definitely in a class of their own, clearing the majority of the obstacles on the track.

Heading towards the finish line Cruse and Patterson were all over each other, as Patterson was making her way forward.  In her very first pro women’s event, Price was holding down a very strong second while Fiolek was way out in front on her way to her first moto win of the season.

At the finish it was Fiolek taking the win followed by Price with Patterson right on her heels.

WMA Second Moto

Ashley Fiolek grabbed another convincing holeshot in front of Sheri Cruse with Jessica Patterson in tow. Elizabeth Bash and Jaqueline Strong were running six and seventh.

Patterson, showing her training efforts from the off season was running strong in thrid and by the halfway mark was pressuring cruse for second..

In one of the tricky downhill turns, Patterson was able to get around Cruse, and was definitely going fast enough to put a charge on for first. In the last lap, Patterson was making her best efforts to close the distance up to Fiolek but simply ran out of time in the short moto. At the finish, Fiolek put in the extra charge to keep her lead to go 1-1 on the day.

Overall Results

1) Ashley Fiolek          1-1

2) Jessica Patterson    3-2

3) Sherri Cruse           5-3

4) Vicki Golden          4-4

5) Sara Price               2-9

6) Elizabeth Bash       7-5

7) Tatum Sik              8-6

8 ) Sayaka Kaneshiro  12-7

9) Penni Cyrus           10-10

10) Sarah Whitmore   9-11