Race Report: Glen Helen
2007 AMA/WMA Women’s National Motocross Championship Presented by Kawasaki

The 2007 WMA season officially got underway on Saturday as the fastest women motocrossers in the world descended on San Bernardino’s Glen Helen Raceway to enjoy a day of racing under beautiful, sunny California skies.

When the pair of 20 minutes plus-one motos were over, the 2006 WMA Champion, Bad Boy Power Drink/Pro30 Racing’s Jessica Patterson had taken yet another 1-1 overall win. Here’s how it all happened…


After the gate dropped on the first WMA moto of 2007, Alisa Nix piloted her YZ250F around Glen Helen’s big Talladega first turn to take the holeshot in a clean start. Unfortunately for Nix, Jessica Patterson was hot on her heals, and before the opening lap was over, JP had taken over the lead. The reigning WMA champ never looked back from that point, and rode out the rest of the moto to a convincing win.

Behind Patterson there was still plenty of racing going on. Nix was holding onto second place after the first lap, but she was now dealing with a hard-charging Tarah Gieger, who after several laps made the pass for second. As the race wore on it looked like Tarah was slowly closing the gap on Patterson in first, but Jessica’s lead was just too big to overcome.

Alisa Nix held on for third place, although she had to give it everything she had to keep Leah Cantrell behind her in fourth. Sarah Whitmore came back from a run-in with Mariana Balbi to round out the top five.


  1. Jessica Patterson
  2. Tarah Gieger
  3. Alisa Nix
  4. Leah Cantrell
  5. Sarah Whitmore
  6. Elizabeth Bash
  7. Katie McGuire
  8. Mariana Balbi
  9. Tatum Sik
  10. Vanessa Florentino


Tarah Gieger came out swinging in moto number two, as she piloted her YZ250F at the front of the pack for the first several laps of the race. Jessica Patterson, however, could not be denied today, and eventually moved past Gieger to take the lead. Patterson held onto first, and Gieger once again finished in second as the two opened up a sizeable gap on the rest of the field.

Behind the lead dogs, Sarah Whitmore charged back from a back-of-the-pack start to finish in third and secured third place overall on the day.


  1. Jessica Patterson
  2. Tarah Gieger
  3. Sarah Whitmore
  4. Katie McGuire
  5. Alisa Nix
  6. Elizabeth Bash
  7. Mariana Balbi
  8. Tania Satchwell
  9. Leah Cantrell
  10. Penni Cyrus


  1. Jessica Patterson 1-1
  2. Tarah Gieger 2-2
  3. Sarah Whitmore 5-3
  4. Alisa Nix 3-5
  5. Katie McGuire 7-4
  6. Elizabeth Bash 6-6
  7. Leah Cantrell 4-9
  8. Mariana Balbi 8-7
  9. Tania Satchwell 11-8
  10. Tatum Sik 9-11
  11. Penni Cyrus 13-10
  12. Vanessa Florentino 10-14
  13. Ashley Boham 14-12
  14. Meika Cornelius 16-13
  15. Michelle Skender 17-15
  16. Lindsey Jelitto 15-17
  17. Taylor Miller 12-20
  18. Kaide Garrett 21-16
  19. April Zastrow 18-19
  20. Jennifer Jones 20-18
  21. Michelle Camacho 19-21