Race Report: Millville
2007 AMA Toyota Motocross Championship Presented by FMF

Sunny skies and a record crowd of 26,128 greeted the AMA Motocross Championships on Sunday in Millville, Minnesota. After a rain-shortened practice session on Saturday, the sun was a welcomed sight that made watching Ricky Carmichael collect his 150th career victory all that much more enjoyable. In Lites racing action, it was all Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki, as Ryan Villopoto and Ben Townley once again left it all on the track as they continued their season-long points battle.


Ryan Villopoto started his day to near perfection as his quick jump off the gate and hard charge to turn one earned him the holeshot and early moto lead. Ben Townley, Villopoto’s Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki teammate, wasn’t too far behind in second place when the pack completed the opening lap. Sobe No Fear/Samsung/Honda’s Josh Grant started the moto in third place, Red Bull/KTM’s Joaquim Rodrigues was in fourth, and Tommy Hahn had his Factory Honda in fifth.

As they started to put in some laps Villopoto and Townley quickly began to move away from the field, but Townley stayed within striking distance of his teammate, and by about lap five Ben started to make his move. Once he began to put a wheel in on Villopoto, Ben seemed to push harder, and about a quarter of a lap later made the pass for the lead.

Ryan started moving back up on Townley a few laps later as the two Pro Circuit riders started moving through lappers, but Ben was able to hold on for the win. Villopoto finished in second, and behind them, Brett Metcalfe made a pass on Tommy Hahn with just three laps remaining, to make it an all Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki podium in moto one. Hahn finished in fourth, and Yamaha’s Broc Hepler rounded out the top five.


  1. Ben Townley
  2. Ryan Villopoto
  3. Brett Metcalfe
  4. Tommy Hahn
  5. Broc Hepler
  6. Josh Grant
  7. Martin Davalos
  8. Nico Izzi
  9. Broc Tickle
  10. Jake Weimer


Although James Stewart was missing from the Motocross class lineup due to the knee injury he suffered at Washougal, it was a star-studded affair none-the-less, as Ricky Carmichael was in Millville to compete in his final AMA Motocross National. And while the crowd surely would have liked to see Carmichael take the holeshot in moto one, they seemed just as excited watching Sobe No Fear/Samsung/Honda’s Kevin Windham charge through turn one ahead of the pack.

Windham held the lead for the opening lap but was subsequently passed by RC, who quickly opened up a huge gap on the rest of the field. Once he had a commanding lead, Carmichael started to put on a bit of show for the crowd; hucking a few whips aboard his Makita/Suzuki RM-Z450 and waving to the throngs of screaming fans that lined the track.

Behind Ricky — way behind him — there was still plenty of racing going on. Honda’s Andrew Short — who, with Stewart missing the round, is chasing the championship title alongside Tim Ferry, Grant Langston, and Mike Alessi — moved into second place by lap five, but was fending off a charging Grant Langston. Langston made a pass on Short in the back section of the track just a few laps later. After that pass Langston and Short seemed to settle into their second and third place positions, and were followed across the checkered flag by Red Bull/KTM’s Mike Alessi and Kevin Windham.

Monster Energy/Kawasaki’s Tim Ferry got caught in a first turn pileup at the start of the race, and eventually finished the moto in eighth place.


  1. Ricky Carmichael
  2. Grant Langston
  3. Andrew Short
  4. Mike Alessi
  5. Kevin Windham
  6. David Vuillemin
  7. Michael Byrne
  8. Tim Ferry
  9. Josh Summey
  10. Gavin Gracyk


Rookie Sobe No Fear/Samsung/Honda rider Trey Canard made quite an impression in his pro debut by grabbing the holeshot at the start of Lites moto number two. Although both Ben Townley and Brett Metcalfe quickly passed Canard, he held on to finish the moto in fourth place.

By lap number five the lead pack was Townley, Villopoto, and Metcalfe out front, followed by Canard and Red Bull/KTM’s Martin Davalos. In a role-reversal from the first moto, Townley now found himself trying to hold off Villopoto, who attempted a pass in Millville’s treacherous whoops, but Townley closed the door to hang onto the top spot for a little while longer. In the end, however, the young number-one plate holder proved to be too much to handle today, and by the following lap Villopoto had the lead. Ben would keep it close for the remaining eight laps, but ended the moto — and the day — in second place.


  1. Ryan Villopoto
  2. Ben Townley
  3. Brett Metcalfe
  4. Trey Canard
  5. Martin Davalos
  6. Jake Weimer
  7. Broc Hepler
  8. Ryan Dungey
  9. Kyle Cunningham
  10. Josh Grant


  1. Ryan Villopoto 2-1
  2. Ben Townley 1-2
  3. Brett Metcalfe 3-3
  4. Martin Davalos 7-5
  5. Broc Hepler 5-7
  6. Jake Weimer 10-6
  7. Josh Grant 6-10
  8. Kyle Cunningham 12-9
  9. Broc Tickle 9-12
  10. Nico Izzi 8-13


  1. Ben Townley (404 points/5 wins)
  2. Ryan Villopoto (402/3 wins)
  3. Josh Grant (312/1 win)
  4. Ryan Dungey (267)
  5. Jason Lawrence (258)
  6. Jake Weimer (188)
  7. Tommy Hahn (159)
  8. Broc Tickle (148)
  9. Kyle Chisholm (142)
  10. Brett Metcalfe (136)


The second Motocross moto started with a Ricky Carmichael holeshot, but a serious crash by David Vuillemin just after the second turn led to a red flag. Fortunately Vuillemin was able to walk off the track — with some help — to the Asterisk Medic Mule, but was clearly banged up (look for more on DV’s injuries and current condition in Monday Kickstart).

On the restart it was Gavin Gracyk edging out Mike Alessi for the holeshot, but Alessi quickly jumped into the lead, followed by Gracyk and Short. Carmichael started in the top-ten, but not surprisingly, quickly started making passes, and by lap three was in the lead. Once out front, Ricky went on to a commanding 1-1 victory that also marked his 150th career win.

Early on it looked like Andrew Short would catch Mike Alessi in second place, but on laps nine and ten Grant Langston hop-scotched both of them to take over the runner up spot and secure his second-place overall finish. Alessi finished the moto in third, followed by Ivan Tedesco, and Andrew Short.

The shuffling by Langston, Alessi, and Short — along with Stewart’s absence — have yielded a championship points battle that no one would have predicted coming into the season. Ferry and Short are currently tied in first place with 311 points. Langston sits just eleven points behind them, and Mike Alessi is only another eight points back.


  1. Ricky Carmichael
  2. Grant Langston
  3. Mike Alessi
  4. Ivan Tedesco
  5. Andrew Short
  6. Tim Ferry
  7. Yoshitaka Atsuta
  8. Josh Summey
  9. Troy Adams
  10. Ryan Clark


  1. Ricky Carmichael 1-1
  2. Grant Langston 2-2
  3. Mike Alessi 4-3
  4. Andrew Short 3-5
  5. Ivan Tedesco 11-4
  6. Tim Ferry 8-6
  7. Josh Summey 9-8
  8. Michael Byrne 7-15
  9. Kyle Lewis 14-11
  10. Ryan Clark 16-10


  1. Tim Ferry (311 points/1 win)
  2. Andrew Short (311)
  3. Grant Langston (300)
  4. Mike Alessi (292)
  5. Ricky Carmichael (291/6 wins)
  6. James Stewart (290/1 win)
  7. Kevin Windham (254/1 win)
  8. David Vuillemin (207)
  9. Davi Millsaps (186)
  10. Michael Byrne (168)


  1. Tim Ferry (311 points/1 win)
  2. Andrew Short (311)
  3. Grant Langston (300)
  4. Mike Alessi (292)
  5. Ricky Carmichael (291/6 wins)
  6. James Stewart (290/1 win)
  7. Kevin Windham (254/1 win)
  8. David Vuillemin (207)
  9. Davi Millsaps (186)
  10. Michael Byrne (168)