Race Report: Motocross of Nations
Day One

It was all about the red, white and blue on Saturday at Budds Creek during the day one qualifying at the Red Bull Motocross of Nations, held at Maryland’s Budd Creek Raceway. USA Team Captain Ricky Carmichael led the way with a commanding win in the MX1 qualifier, setting a good example for his teammates Ryan Villopoto and Tim Ferry, who followed suit in the MX2 and Open qualifiers. Going into Sunday’s final, Team USA leads the way with a perfect set of 1-1-1 scores, comfortably ahead of Team South Africa and Team Italy.


When the gate dropped at the start of the 20-minute-plus-two-laps MX1 moto, RC and his Makita Suzuki led the way. Newly crowned Motocross National Champion Grant Langston gave chase and actually took over the lead on lap three when RC tipped over in a corner. “I think that crash was due to me not being in a race situation since Millville in mid-August, said RC. “Nothing simulates racing like racing and I was a little rusty. I was kind of interested to see how Langston would ride, with him being the new National Champ. He can ride a motorcycle, but I felt very good.

Carmichael retook the lead on the same lap that he crashed, swinging wide in the corner before the mechanic’s area and swooping past Langston’s Yamaha for good. By the finish, Carmichael enjoyed a massive lead over Langston, who enjoyed an equally huge lead over third-placed David Philippaerts from Italy. German rider Max Nagl snared fourth at the finish, displacing a fading Steve Ramon — the new MX1 World Champion — in the closing stages of the race. Australia’s Team Captain Chad Reed had a miserable race. He suffered a terrible start and completed lap one in 15th, and crashed a few laps later while trying to pass Japan’s Akira Narita for 10th. Reed slowed drastically, and eventually pulled into the mechanic’s area to get a bent part on his bike tweaked back into position. Reed was 21st at the finish, and hoped that his teammates Michael Byrne and Andrew McFarlane would pull through with two solid finishes to get Australia into the A final.


Villopoto ripped a massive holeshot at the start of the MX2 qualifier and was never challenged for the lead. The Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki rider dropped the field with relative ease and lapped over half the MX2 field en route to a very convincing win.

“I felt great out there, said Villopoto. “I was pretty confident that if I got the holeshot I would be able to get a good lead. Before the moto, Ricky came over to talk with me about some of the lines out there, so I knew what to look for at the start of the race. It was pretty uneventful, really, and I just hope that all three of us can get good starts tomorrow.

Second at the finish went to the flashy Italian MX2 World Champion Antonio Cairoli aboard his DiCarli Yamaha. Cairoli started the race in seventh and was unable to work past his rivals as quickly as he had hoped, and by the time he took over second from South Africa’s Gareth Swanepoel, he had absolutely no chance of catching Villopoto. Cairoli did manage to well clear of Swanepoel by the finish. Frenchman Nicolas Aubin was fourth at the checkers, fending off the race-long advances of Great Britain’s Tommy Searle. Australia’s McFarlane raced to sixth at the finish, in spite of a small spill at the bottom of the downhill triple.


With the team’s best two scores counting towards the overall qualifying process, the pressure was effectively off Tim Ferry as he lined up for the Open class moto. “I knew that they threw the worst score out, but that didn’t keep me from wanting to get a third perfect moto for the team, joked Ferry. “I knew that if I could get out front, it would be a relatively easy race.

Ferry gated well but Portugal’s Joaquim Rodriguez snuck through turn one the quickest and led Australia’s Michael Byrne, Ferry and the rest onto the track. Belgian’s big man Ken DeDyker was caught up in a first-corner spill and rejoined the race in last. Up front, meanwhile, Red Dog went to work on Byrne and made a pass stick in the far section of the track by double, singling a triple and sneaking underneath the Suzuki rider in the following corner. Once into second, it was only a matter of corners before Ferry blasted into the lead aboard his Monster Energy Kawasaki. In the point position and with a clear track ahead of him, Ferry steadily pulled away from his pursuers. At the finish, he enjoyed a 30-second lead over Byrne, who also found his way past Rodriguez. Remarkably, DeDyker charged through the field and into fourth at the checkers.


1. USA (2 points)
MX1 Ricky Carmichael 1st
MX2 Ryan Villopoto 1st
OPEN Tim Ferry 1st

MX1 Grant Langston 2nd
MX2 Gareth Swanepoel 3rd
OPEN Wyatt Avis 7th

MX2 Antonio Cairoli 2nd
MX1 David Philippaerts 3rd
OPEN Davide Guarneri 27

OPEN Michael Byrne 2nd
MX2 Andrew McFarlane 6th
MX1 Chad Reed 21st

OPEN Ken DeDyker 4th
MX1 Steve Ramon 5th
MX2 Jeremy Van Horebeek 11th

MX1 Max Nagl 4th
OPEN Marcus Schiffer 5th
MX2 Dabiel Siegl 13th

OPEN Joaquim Rodriguez 3rd
MX2 Rui Goncalves 7th
MX1 Paulo Goncalves 20th

MX2 Nicolas Aubin 4th
MX1 Sebastien Pourcel 6th

MX2 Tommy Searle 5th
MX1 Billy MacKenzie 8th
OPEN James Noble 30th

MX1 Jonathan Barragan 7th
OPEN Alvaro Lozano 9th
MX2 Carlos Campano 10th

OPEN Yoshitaka Atsuta 6th
MX1 Akira Narita 10th
MX2 Kazumasa Masuda 15th

MX2 Colin Facciotti 8th
OPEN Blair Morgan 12th
MX1 Jean Sebastien Roy 12th

MX1 Julien Bill 9th
MX2 Arnaud Tonus 14th
OPEN Marc Ristori 18th

MX2 Martin Barr 9th
OPEN Wayne Garrett 15th
MX1 Tommy Morton 22nd

OPEN Aigar Leok 8th
MX1 Tanel Leok 19th
MX2 Gert Krestinov 19th

OPEN Michal Kadlecek 11th
MX1 Jiri Cepelak 16th
MX2 Jan Brabec 23rd

OPEN Filip Thuresson 14th
MX1 Andreas Hultman 14th
MX2 Frederik Karlsson 18th

MX1 Jeremias Israel 13th
OPEN Benjamin Israel 17th
MX2 Vicente Israel 20th

OPEN Lauris Friesbergs 10th
MX2 Ivo Steinbergs 21st
MX1 Livs Davis 26th