The start of the 2007 AMA Toyota Motocross Championship is one short week away, but this weekend a number of AMA pros showed up at Glen Helen raceway to run the Prequel; a preseason showdown at the popular stop on the National circuit.

Because the prequel doesn’t factor into the National points chase, some might not take it as seriously; but once the gate hits the dirt, it becomes a race like any other, and a chance for guys to see how the measure up against the competition.

Brett Metcalfe and Grant Langston walked away with the overall wins in the Lites and MX classes, respectively. But a number of other riders had some impressive rides as well…


At the start of Lites Moto One, Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s Chris Gosselaar was at the front of the pack; holding the lead for the first few opening laps. Then, on about lap four, Brett Metcalfe passed his teammate to overtake the lead. From there, Metcalfe began opening up a sizeable lead on the rest of the field, eventually finishing over 20 seconds ahead of Sobe No Fear/Samsung Mobile/Honda’s Josh Grant in second.


  1. Brett Metcalfe
  2. Josh Grant
  3. Kyle Cunningham
  4. Broc Tickle
  5. Sean Hackley
  6. Trey Canard
  7. Joaquim Rodrigues
  8. Jimmy Albertson
  9. Dusty Klatt
  10. Bobby Garrison


Mike Alessi had the Glen Helen start nailed aboard his KTM450SX-F, capturing the holeshot in both of his motos. In moto number one of the motocross class, Mike jumped out front from the start, and rode to a seemingly easy win. Behind Mike, Grant Langston and Jeff Alessi fought it out for second, with GL ultimately holding down the runner-up spot. Before the end of the race, Adam Chatfield also made it past Jeff, for third place.


  1. Mike Alessi
  2. Grant Langston
  3. Adam Chatfield
  4. Jeff Alessi
  5. Antonio Balbi
  6. Yoshihide Fukodome
  7. Jimmy Hazel
  8. Bobby Garrison
  9. Justin Brayton
  10. Tim Beatty


Brett Metcalfe and Trey Canard put on quite a show in the second and final lites moto. Trey had the early lead and pulled Metcalfe around the track for the first seven laps, as they made the rest of the pack a distant memory. Unfortunately for Canard — who is expected to make his debut on the AMA National series after Loretta Lynn’s later this year — he ran into some trouble on about lap eight and turned the lead over to Metcalfe. Although Canard was able to get going again in short order, Metcalfe displayed the same speed he had in moto one, and Canard was never able to challenge him for the lead after that.


  1. Brett Metcalfe
  2. Trey Canard
  3. Josh Grant
  4. Kyle Cunningham
  5. Dusty Klatt
  6. Sean Hackley
  7. Bobby Garrison
  8. Zach Osborne
  9. Daniel Sani
  10. Jimmy Albertson


  1. Brett Metcalfe 1-1
  2. Josh Grant 2-3
  3. Kyle Cunningham 3-4
  4. Trey Canard 6-2
  5. Sean Hackley 5-6
  6. Dusty Klatt 9-5
  7. Bobby Garrison 10-7
  8. Jimmy Albertson 8-10
  9. Joaquim Rodrigues 7-11
  10. Ricky Renner 11-13
  11. Zach Osborne 17-8
  12. Daniel Sani 16-9
  13. Adam Miller 14-12
  14. Tye Hames 12-15
  15. Broc Tickle 4-34
  16. Brad Kelly 20-20
  17. Charlie Morrison 24-18
  18. Michael Willard 23-19
  19. Carlos Gonzalez 27-16
  20. Jeffrey Mann 21-22


Mike Alessi was in the lead at the start of moto two — a spot he helld for the majority of the race. But as the race wound down, Grant Langston was able to make his was past Alessi; moving into first place and securing the overall win on the day.

Alessi was still within striking distance when GL moved into the lead, but Mike said he hit a rock and went down on the back section of the track; pushing him too far back to contend for the win, although he did hang on to second.

Privateer Antonio Balbi turned in an impressive third place finish in moto number two; which combined with his fifth from the first moto, was good enough for third place overall.


  1. Grant Langston
  2. Mike Alessi
  3. Antonio Balbi
  4. Bobby Garrison
  5. Jeff Alessi
  6. Adam Chatfield
  7. Mike Sleeter
  8. Tim Beatty
  9. Richie Owens
  10. Kurt Caselli


  1. Grant Langston 2-1
  2. Mike Alessi 1-2
  3. Antonio Balbi 5-3
  4. Jeff Alessi 4-5
  5. Adam Chatfield 3-6
  6. Bobby Garrison 8-4
  7. Mike Sleeter 11-7
  8. Tim Beatty 10-8
  9. Jimmy Hazel 7-15
  10. Carter Gurnee 14-11
  11. Justin Mace 12-14
  12. Leighton Lillie 13-16
  13. Kurt Caselli 20-10
  14. Jeff Loop 19-12
  15. Jiri Dostal 18-13
  16. Jared Boothroyd 29-18
  17. Andy Bakken 15-32
  18. Matt Venderwater 32-19
  19. Dennis Stapleton 25-26
  20. Howie Spencer 30-22