Race Report: WMA.
Steel City, 2006

It seems the story of the 2006 National season has been rain! For the second race in a row, the WMA has had to make scheduling changes to accommodate bad weather. Two weeks ago at Broome-Tioga, the WMA Saturday races were cut down to one moto because of the rain-soaked conditions. This week at Steel City, as tropical depression Ernesto trailed across the east coast of the United States, it left in its path heavy downpours. For the WMA, this meant seeing the Saturday race schedule postponed until Sunday.

For the Sunday schedule, moto one of the WMA race ran during intermission, and moto two was at the end of the day. Miki Keller, president of the WMA, described it as “the third moto,” saying, “we think it’s good to save the best for last.”

The many fans that stayed to watch the final round of the WMA season at Steel City, were certainly not disappointed.



Fans were treated to some exciting WMA racing right out of the gate. Jessica Patterson jumped out in front early, but got tangled up with another rider, allowing Sarah Whitmore to grab the top spot. Sarah’s lead didn’t last long, however, as a slight miscue in the table-top section of the track by Whitmore gave JP a chance to get back into first place.

Heading into the second lap, Patterson bobbled in the same spot as she did on lap one, and Whitmore again took over first place. This time Sarah wouldn’t give the lead back, riding hard to a moto one victory.

Tarah Gieger and Kirsten Raemisch rounded-out the moto one podium in second and third place, respectively. Although Patterson was not able to hang on the for the win, her fourth place in moto one was enough to clinch the WMA series championship.

1. Sara Whitmore (Yam)
2. Tarah Gieger (Yam)
3. Kirsten Raemisch (Yam)
4. Jessica Patterson (Hon)
5. Marianne Veenstra (Suz)
6. Alisa Nix (Yam)
7. Jessye Davis (Hon)
8. Lean Cantrell (Suz)
9. Ashley Boham (Hon)
10. Mariana Balbi (Hon)



Sarah “White Chocolate” Whitmore admitted that she came out for moto two a bit nervous, hoping she could secure her first win of the season. As it turns out, she rode a solid-albeit perhaps conservative-race to finish in second place, behind newly-crowned 2006 WMA champ, Jessica Patterson.

Marianne Veenstra, who had traveled all the way from Holland for the Steel City race, completed the moto two podium in third. Behind Veenstra, Alisa Nix finished in fourth, and Tarah Gieger grabbed fifth-which combined with her second place in moto one was good enough for third overall on the day.

Whitmore was clearly excited about getting a win. “After struggling all year with this shoulder injury, it feels great to end the year with a win. I came to Steel City just hoping to be on the podium again, because my shoulder is still killing me, but the day turned out better than I could have ever imagined.”

Whitmore plans to take some time off to let her should heal, now that the WMA season has ended.

1. Jessica Patterson (Hon)
2. Sarah Whitmore (Yam)
3. Marianne Veenstra (Suz)
4. Alisa Nix (Yam)
5. Tarah Gieger (Yam)
6. Kirsten Raemisch (Yam)
7. Elizabeth Bash (Kaw)
8. Aubriana Dunn (Hon)
9. Katie McGuire (Kaw)
10. Kaide Garrett (Yam)



1. Sarah Whitmore (Yam)
2. Jessica Patterson (Hon)
3. Tarah Gieger (Yam)
4. Marianne Veenstra (Suz)
5. Kirsten Raemisch (Yam)
6. Alisa Nix (Yam)
7. Elizabeth Bash (Kaw)
8. Ashley Boham (Hon)
9. Jessye Davis (Hon)
10. Aubriana Dunn (Hon)



1. Jessica R. Patterson (227)
2. Alisa M. Nix (189)
3. Tarah Gieger (183)
4. Katherine T. Prumm (161)
5. Mariana Balbi (156)
6. Jessye Davis (142)
7. Sarah Whitmore (132)
8. Leah E. Cantrell (122)
9. Ashley Boham (105)
10. Sherri Cruse (104)
11. Penni L. Cyrus (87)
12. Kaide Garrett (87)
13. Aubriana Dunn (84)
14. Tania Satchwell (73)
15. Katie Mc Guire (66)
16. Elizabeth Bash (57)
17. April Zastrow (52)
18. Vanessa Florentino (51)
19. Marianne Veenstra (36)
20. Kirsten Raemisch (35)