Race Report: WMA Budds Creek
2007 AMA/WMA Women’s National Motocross Championship Presented By Kawasaki

Beautiful blue skies and one of the most prestigious courses on the National circuit combined to greet the ladies of the WMA for their third round of racing in 2007, and once again it was Jessica Patterson who swept both motos, though Patterson was challenged by Yamaha rider Tarah Gieger throughout the tail end of each race. Mariana Balbi rounded out the podium.


Because the WMA runs one moto before the AMA pro practice on Saturday and one moto at the conclusion of the day, the track resembled a billiard table—completely smooth—at the start of the first race. This gave series point leader Jessica Patterson all the advantage she needed to grab a holeshot and check out from the rest of the pack fairly early on. Tania Satchwell, Tarah Gieger, Sarah Whitmore, and the rest of the WMA gals set their sights on JP up front, with Satchwell presenting the most challenge. Tania stayed fairly close to Patterson’s rear wheel for the first half of the race, but never posing too serious of a threat; meanwhile, behind her, Gieger was fighting her way to the front, while Whitmore had a mechanical problem that left her bike fighting for a spark. Eventually, Geiger made her move on Satchwell, and with just a few laps remaining in the 20-minute moto, Gieger had pulled to just a few bike-lengths behind Patterson, with Satchwell fading slightly behind the pair.


After a full day of AMA pro practice, the track was a completely different beast for the second go-around of WMA racing, but that didn’t stop first moto winner Jessica Patterson from once again ripping another fat holeshot into turn one. This time, instead of Satchwell putting pressure on the Champ, it was Alisa Nix who was hounding Patterson around the Budds Creek course in the early stages of the moto. It didn’t take her long to make a move, as Nix passed Jessica at the start of the long finish line uphill on lap one. Patterson was having none of it, though, and went right back by Nix. The two kept this cat and mouse game up for several laps, with Nix attempting the same move at the same location several times but never successfully making the pass stick again. Eventually, Jessica wised up and changed her line, and Nix dropped her bike, giving JP some breathing room up front. Before she could get too cozy, though, Gieger once again found her way up to Jessica and began putting on a serious charge, gaining major time in several sections and looking like a serious threat for the win. In the end, though, she just didn’t have enough to get by, allowing Patterson to go 1-1 on the day and remain flawless thus far in the series. Gieger held on for second overall, while Balbi grabbed the final spot on the podium thanks to a third place finish in moto two.


  1. Jessica Patterson 1-1
  2. Tarah Gieger 2-2
  3. Mariana Balbi 4-3
  4. Tania Satchwell 3-7
  5. Elizabeth Bash 7-4
  6. Vanessa Florentino 6-6
  7. Alisa Nix 9-5
  8. Sarah Whitmore 8-9
  9. Kirsten Raemisch 12-8
  10. Jessye Davis 8-12


  1. Jessica Patterson (150 points/3 wins)
  2. Tarah Gieger (125)
  3. Alisa Nix (106)
  4. Elizabeth Bash (98)
  5. Mariana Balbi (95)
  6. Tania Satchwell (87)
  7. Sarah Whitmore (84)
  8. Vanessa Florentino (69)
  9. Leah Cantrell (52)
  10. Tatum Sik (49)