Race Report: WMA Washougal
WMA National Championship Series – Round 5

Last weekend’s round of the WMA MX Championship in Lakewood, CO, saw a major mix-up when series leader Jessica Patterson was involved in a first turn pileup where she cut the tip of her finger off, allowing Tarah Gieger to tighten the points battle up to a tie for first with Patterson following her overall win. The series headed to Washougal for round five this weekend, where things once again flip-flopped; Jessica Patterson rebounded back to the top with 1-1 moto finishes despite her sore digit, while last week’s winner Gieger had her share of bad luck in the first moto, going 8-2 on the day. Tania Satchwell was second overall, while Sherri Cruse made her first trip to the podium after scoring third.


The first moto of the day was held under foggy, wet conditions, but that didn’t stop Yamaha rider Sherri Cruse from pulling the holeshot, just a wheel ahead of Patterson, Gieger, Satchwell and the rest of the pack. It took Patterson just three turns to steal the lead away from Cruse, with Satchwell chasing close behind: This would be the start of a moto-long duel between Patterson and Satchwell. With around five laps of the moto complete, Satchwell made her move and went past Patterson, where she stayed for roughly a lap and a half before JP went back by. Satchwell lurked just a few bike-lengths back from Patterson until the final lap, when Tania began to mount one last charge for the lead. Alas, it would not be enough; at the checkers, it was Patterson by a mere wheel, while third-place finisher Mariana Balbi had quietly snuck her way through the pack to finish only a couple of seconds back from Patterson and Satchwell. Elizabeth Bash and Cruse rounded out the top-five.


  1. Jessica Patterson
  2. Tania Satchwell
  3. Mariana Balbi
  4. Elizabeth Bash
  5. Sherri Cruse
  6. Vanessa Florentino
  7. Ashley Boham
  8. Tarah Gieger
  9. Lindsey Jelitto
  10. Meika Cornelius


Throughout the day the clouds lifted, giving the WMA competitors a picture-perfect battleground for their second Washougal moto. Patterson and Bash battled their way down the start stretch and through the first turn, but it was Patterson who would walk away with the lead at the end of lap one, nearly 10 bike-lengths ahead of Bash and the rest of the gals. Meanwhile, a focused Gieger was tearing through the pack, making her way to the front where she would first challenge Satchwell. Once the pass on Satchwell was made, Gieger then set her sights on Bash, who she also went by fairly quickly. It was just Gieger’s arch-rival Patterson ahead of her now, so with that Tarah put her head down and set her sights on the leader. Within a few laps Gieger was following closely behind and was within striking distance, but just couldn’t make a pass happen. At the finish line, a disappointed Gieger had to settle for second despite her hard charge through the pack, while Satchwell was third. Cruse and Bash finished the moto fourth and fifth, respectively. Thanks to her 1-1 scores, Patterson extended her points lead to 16, making up for last week’s DNF.


  1. Jessica Patterson
  2. Tarah Gieger
  3. Tania Satchwell
  4. Sherri Cruse
  5. Elizabeth Bash
  6. Mariana Balbi
  7. Vanessa Florentino
  8. Sarah Whitmore
  9. Ashley Boham
  10. Lindsey Jelitto


  1. Jessica Patterson 1-1
  2. Tania Satchwell 2-3
  3. Sherri Cruse 5-4
  4. Elizabeth Bash 4-5
  5. Mariana Balbi 3-6
  6. Tarah Gieger 8-2
  7. Vanessa Florentino 6-7
  8. Ashley Boham 7-9
  9. Lindsey Jelitto 9-10
  10. Sayaka Kaneshiro 11-11


  1. Jessica Patterson 223
  2. Tarah Gieger 207
  3. Elizabeth Bash 168
  4. Mariana Balbi 166
  5. Tania Satchwell 165
  6. Alisa Nix 135
  7. Vanessa Florentino 126
  8. Sarah Whitmore 125
  9. Ashley Boham 87
  10. Meika Cornelius 73