Race Tech Fork Tools for 2007 KTM SX Model WP Forks

New Race Tech fork tools (TFCW 50H and TFPC 2328) allow for easier service on KTM WP 48mm dual chamber forks on the 2007 SX models. The Fork Cap Wrench Tool (TFCW 50H) is constructed of heavy duty steel with gold anodizing offering a 50mm hex for the fork cap at one end and a pin spanner at the other end to allow easy access to the inner chamber. The Fork Rebound Piston Ring Compression Tool (TFPC 2328) allows quick easy insertion of the rebound piston ring into the cartridge tube with out damage during assembly. It is a simple sleeve, yet this task is nearly impossible without this tool! Aluminum construction ensures the tool is easy on the fork internals.

Additionally, the Race Tech (TSNN 01) Nitrogen Needle & (TSNR 02) Nitrogen Gauge allow charging the gas forks upon reassembly.

The TFCW 50H retails for $44.99 and the TFPC 2328 retails for $12.99

The Race Tech WP Fork tools are available via Race Tech Customer Service (951) 279-6655.