She Races | Lindsey Palmer

Name: Lindsey Palmer
Age: 21
Home Town: Conifer, CO

Sponsors: BluStarr, RG3 Suspension, Autoflex Systems, Fly Racing, Aztec Family Raceway, Mom, Dad, my brother Bryce, Alpinestars, Rekluse, Victory Circle Graphix, Fay Myers, FMF, Renthal, Maxima Oils, Complete Nutrition Glendale CO

What got you into racing? How old were you and what was it that made you want to try riding?

My mom and I were out of town for the weekend and my dad gave my little brother the option of going to a movie or to go buy a dirt bike. And that is kind of how motorcycles got introduced into our family. When we would go trail riding I was stuck on the back of the ATV, so they though it would be fun for me if I tried riding myself. I did my first race, a hare scramble/enduro, when I was 12 and my first motocross race when I was 13.

What’s the women’s motocross scene like in Colorado?

I think the women's scene here in motocross is a lot bigger than other states. We have a ton of up and coming girls. As for the pro class we usually have a pretty good turn out with a lot of the WMX riders like Cassidy Bickford, Lauren Volentir, Alyssa Fitch, Shanatay Bergeron, Sammie Peters and Kaitlyn Bennett. A lot of the girls race the men’s class and we have a lot of fun on the gates. The men take everything too serious [laughs].

Are you able to travel during the winter to escape the snow? How do you juggle racing and school?

I haven't been able to travel as much as I would like this winter because of school. I was lucky enough to be able to go to Anaheim III with all the Blustarr girls, and then to the Milestone Blustarr Women's Ride Day. It was a blast and met so many awesome people on that trip. As for escaping the snow, not much luck and  Colorado weather is kind of crazy sometimes. I spend a lot of time in Colorado Springs at Aztec Family Raceway because they are further south and usually don't get a lot of snow. I am currently in school for radiography (to be an x-ray tech). It’s a lot of work and time. I would have to say the best thing that helps me balance school and riding are notecards! I always have some in my pocket so I can filp through between motos.

What was your favorite race or racing moment?

I would definitely have to say the last WMX race at Southwick! I got my first top-five finish and overall.

If you could change one thing about women’s MX what would it be?

I think if we had more women racing it would be easier to get the recognition we want and need. It hard for us to be marketable when we can hardly keep a full gate.

What’s your favorite thing about being a Blustarr girl?

Being associated with the awesome group of girls that are involved with it. And of course being involved with something that loves and supports women's motocross as much as I do!

Here’s a two part question. Who is your “movie star crush?” And what would you rather have: one date with your crush or unlimited dirt bikes for life?

Ryan Reynolds! But I don't even have to think twice about having unlimited dirt bikes for life.

What do you fear more? Getting injured or child birth?

Oh gosh. Child birth, without a doubt. I learned a little more than I need to know in school.....

Hypothetically, would you to take your best friend out in order to win?

Yeah [laughs]! Only because I know she would do the same!

What are your plans for 2014?

My goals this year is to have fun! With school, it makes it hard to travel so I'm not planning on doing any of the WMX nationals this year unfortunately. A lot of our traveling arrangements with Team Gus where ruined when we found out the WMX was no longer following the national circuit. But if something falls in to place, I would totally love to race one. Our Colorado series (SRAC and RMXA) have started and I have a lot of fun at them. We get pretty good turn outs and the competition keeps me on my toes. The Colorado motocross community is pretty tight knit and we have an awesome time.