Raptor Xtreme Titanium Footpegs | Product Report

Raptor Xtreme Titanium Footpegs

Application: All bikes
Price: $359.95

Of all the parts on a factory race bike, titanium footpegs are among the most lusted for. Razor sharp and built with an exotic lightweight material, their handmade production can cost teams literally thousands of dollars. There is little chance that any average rider will drop a tenth of the cost of their new bike for a simple part such as this, but the desire to have a “works piece” at a fraction of the cost carves a place in the market for Raptor Xtreme Titanium footpegs. The laser-cut titanium and hand-welded construction of their products is so impressive that many top-tier race teams, including Red Bull KTM, install the sets on their machines.


– At only 410 grams per set, the Raptor Xtreme Titanium footpegs are among the lightest replacement rests the average racer can buy.

– The stout look of the pegs goes against the slimmed down titanium units offered by other brands, but this sturdy build is exactly what a rider needs on the track. The wide base and platform offers more support and comfort when taking on the course, especially as they help disperse the impact of a hard landing over a larger area of the foot.

– By spacing out the rows of razor sharp teeth, there is plenty of room for mud to fall through in case it comes in contact with the pegs. Keeping the pegs clean during a moto will only help to keep the bike and rider’s foot in contact with on another.

– The titanium material is durable, and the teeth retain their sharpness. There is no need to re-file the teeth after a few rides like with steel pegs.

– Included in the box are replacement springs, pivot pins, and cotter pins, which are sized perfectly to the peg and help installation.

– They are competitively priced with other titanium pegs on the market.


– Depending on your riding style, the aggressiveness of the teeth can shred the soles of your riding boots.

– Putting something this sharp on your bike comes with some risks; be careful not to catch a bare leg on the teeth when in the garage or loading the bike. Also, sharp pegs can be another thing to watch for in case of a crash.


Spending 359-dollars for a set of footpegs might seem excessive to some, but there are obvious benefits in the Raptor Xtreme Titanium units over what comes stock on your machine. They are incredibly strong compared to the steel platforms from the factory, withstand use and abuse, and drop an impressive amount of weight. As one of the only points of contact between a rider and motorcycle, the razor-sharp teeth do their best to make sure the connection is there, while looking incredibly trick at the same time. These are the closest thing to a works part that the average racer can attain.

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