While at Milestone MX Ranch, we spotted MX2 World champion Tyla Rattray laying down laps aboard a new KTM. His new gig on the Grand Prix circuit with the ICE1 Racing Team will put Rattray on a Husqvarna, a brand that will see a rebirth and new models in 2014 after being purchased by KTM, but Rattray will spend time on the standard Austrian machine until the fresh Huskies are prepared and ready.

By: Casey Davis

What are your plans for 2014? Any deals struck up?

Yes, next year I will be racing in the Grand Prix Circuit again aboard a Husqvarna!

We haven’t seen you practicing here since the Lake Elsinore National. Did you decide to take a little vacation  after the series was over?

Yeah, I went to Hawaii for a week after the last National, just trying to lay low and chill out for a bit before I head over to Europe in the first week of November and get in some testing. Right now I’m riding a KTM, but it’s only temporary until the Husqvarnas are ready. Basically, I’m just riding a KTM for now to help keep myself in shape and keep my speed up in preparation for the GPs.

Will you be based out of Europe all year or will you come back to the U.S. for a national or two?

I’ll be based there all year, but I will come back at the end of the season and live out here. While the racing is going on over there I need to be there with the team for obvious reasons. They have a great setup with a workshop in Belgium, so I’ll just travel from there to each Grand Prix round. The first three rounds are all overseas, so my plan is to go over on the 10th of January and head down to Italy, where I’ll just stay in my motorhome until the opening round of the GPs, which is on the first of March. As far as U.S. Nationals go, I more than likely won’t attend any races, as my main focus will be the Grand Prix circuit.

Since KTM bought out Husqvarna, is that why you’re on a KTM today?

Yes. Obviously there aren’t any Husqvarnas here in the U.S. and my contract with them doesn’t start until the first of November. So, as of now, I can ride whatever I want, but figured a KTM would be best as they bought out Husqvarna. Plus, they’re the closest to a Husky and it was easier than going out and buying a bike that I would only ride for a few months. Ultimately, this is a loaner bike and once the Husqvarnas get here, I’ll be riding those.

Are you pretty excited to change things up as far as the race series? You’re already familiar with the GP race format, so that should work to your advantage. 

Yeah, definitely. I spent eight years of my career in Europe already, so I know what to expect. I did eight years there, won a world championship and then came here and raced for five years. I don’t regret a thing and racing on Mitch Payton’s team was incredible, because not a lot of riders get the opportunity to ride for a team as established as his. For now, though, I have new goals in mind for the MX1 Championship and it’s time to pursue those.

Do you plan on moving over there? Or will you still reside here and travel to each GP round?

My family and I will be moving out there. I’m looking for a place in Belgium right now, but like I said, I’ll be back here during the off-season practicing at these local tracks because the weather conditions in Europe are bad that time of year. I want to stay here as much as I can, but once the GP’s start I’ll be there full-time.

You have an interesting deal going on next year with Husky. Could you emphasize whats going on in regards to that?

I got a good deal with Husky to race the GP circuit again for 2014 and I’m really excited about it. It’s a great opportunity for me and I knew of the buyout between KTM and Husqvarna, so I already knew that the bikes were going to be great. It was just something that I had on my plate for 2014 and I went with it because I’m already comfortable with the GP format and I figured racing in Europe would be best for the last few years of my career, and I want to try to win an MX1 title.

 So will you be on a KTM branded with Husqvarna plastics?

Yeah, that’s what they’re saying. I don’t know the full specifications of the bike, but that’s just what I’ve been hearing. The bike is going to be great. I have tested it already and it is definitely good!

We’ve heard rumors of Chad Reed doing the same thing as you as far as bikes. Could you give any insight on that rumor?

I honestly don’t know. I know they will be coming to America, and it really wouldn’t surprise me to see him aboard a Husqvarna. Like I said, it’s a great bike and with the backing from KTM it’s going to be a success. They’ll for sure get a team here eventually, but I really couldn’t even begin to tell who will be on it and when.