Reader Response: Cold Weather Riding…

Boy, never has a Tuesday Tip posted here on every generated so many responses. In case you missed it, we ran a Tuesday Tip today describing how to prepare your bike for winter storage. Well, our TWMX Inbox has been filling up all day with people from around the world telling us they ride all winter long, no problem. Here is a letter from Pro FMX rider, Martin Snellström…

Hi! My name is Martin Snellström; I’m a professional Freestyle rider from Sweden.

Up here in Scandinavia we get more than six months of winter every year, and four months of bad weather, which means about two months of solid riding if you don’t find a way to do it all year around; which we have.

Out here the tracks get plowed for snow, and we put on spike tires, add alcohol to the fuel and put on a few extra layers of clothes.

Us freestyle riders spend three hours every day shoveling snow off of our in runs and landings. The ramps are prepped with a rubber surface so we can ride with our spiked tires.

The coldest temperatures I’ve ever ridden in was a big air contest a little over a year ago. We had -13 degrees Fahrenheit and hard winds.. In that kind of cold your gloves freeze to the bars. So being a freestyler, and in need of using my hands all over the bike, I have to warm my hands on the exhausts and the pipe between every jump. Sometimes the bike locks up and dies because the cold has caused the fuel line to freeze, which is scary when riding ramps!

But what is my point with this letter? Its that whatever weather we love this sport, and were going to find a way to keep doing it! It’s all a matter of heart and determination!

There is no need to store your bike during the winter!

Have fun riding with vented jerseys in California, and I know I’m going to have fun riding in four layers of thinner clothing topped with a hoodie and shorts and freeze my ass off.

Love the magazine! Peace!

Thanks, Martin.

It’s pretty impressive what people will do to keep riding, despite the weather. Check out the photo of Martin airing it our over his frozen course…