Red Bull A Day In The Dirt

Red Bull A Day In The Dirt 17 | Last Call!

The break in pro racing means that we finally have time to turn a few laps on our own bikes. Luckily enough, it comes right in time for our favorite time of the year, the Red Bull A Day In The Dirt. Held over the long three day, post-Thanksgiving weekend at Glen Helen Raceway, the event brings friends together for a massive party with a dozen or so races thrown in for good measure. Where else can you team up with a friend for a 75 minute Grand Prix on one of the most exciting, yet challenging tracks in California, while still battling with icons of the sport?

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 21ST is the last day for online entries!This is your best chance to sign up for the holiday event, where nearly every moto blasts off the gate with a full class.

If you miss the chance for online signup, you can still register onsite at Glen Helen during the weekend. But be advised, chances are your desired class can sell out.

Red Bull A Day In The Dirt 17

Doesn’t that just look like a good time? We were with our friend and event creator Kenny Alexander just a few weeks ago, and spent a few moments chatting about what it takes to organize the “fastest party in town.” Have a listen for yourself in our short video interview…

Alright, so this should have you eager to attend this year’s Red Bull A Day In The Dirt, and now all that is left to do is find a class and sign up. Feeling brave? Enter and finish five classes, including the mandatory Stunt GP, Moto-A-Gogo, Coup de Grace, and either the Vintage GP or Two-Stroke GP races to achieve Ironman status. We will warn you, everything seems great until you’re midway through the grueling Coup de Grace survival race at the end of the weekend, when the track is truly at its worst…

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