Red Bull Last Man Standing Rider Registration

The rider registration deadline for Red Bull Last Man Standing is Friday,November 23. A total of 300 A level riders will be accepted by registeringat The registration fee is $100, with a100% payback.

The third edition of Red Bull Last Man Standing will take place at the RedRiver Motorcycle Trails in Bulcher, Texas. Qualifying is Friday, December 7and the top 100 qualifiers will take off at the blast of the cannon onSaturday, December 8. David Knight is the two-time winner of the event.

The course, designed to challenge the world’s best riders, will undergochanges for this year’s event. The race will once again consist of two 35to 40-mile laps, one during the day and one at night, with the night coursereversed. It will again feature special “element sections that will testriders’ mettle. New this year, to alleviate rider bottlenecks, the coursewill gradually increase in difficulty. By the six-mile mark, riders willenter complex terrain, which will become more difficult with every mile.The course will also bring the riders back into the pit/spectator area,which will allow them to stop for gas and let spectators watch more racingaction.