Red Bull Motocross of Nations – Qualifying Race Results

Words By Kinman
Photos by Lutes

The Red Bull Motocross of Nations officially got underway today at Donington Park in the United Kingdom as the MX1, MX2, and Open classes raced their respective qualifying heats. The welcomed partly-cloudy weather allowed for comfortable riding conditions and a very tacky clay-based track sacrificed itself to an all-day barrage of four-stroke abuse.


In the MX1 class, Team USA’s James Stewart snatched up the holeshot in spite of USA’s 19th gate pick. Hometown hero Billy Mackenzie also blasted off the line with a good start and kept Stewart in his sights to the delight of the British fans. The fans roared even loader when Stewart lost his front end early on and dumped his bike. For a brief moment, Mackenzie and the other competitors looked to have a chance to overtake the American powerhouse, but James Remounted quickly and held onto the lead.

Mackenzie stayed with Stewart for five laps before Team Belgium’s Ken De Dycker overtook him. Shortly thereafter, Mackenzie suffered a bike miscue and dropped out of the top five. By this time Stewart had re-established his dominance and accrued a lead that could not be reeled in.

James Stewart talked a little about his qualifier after race saying, “I had a couple falls actually. I just lost my front end in a few places. It’s a little different from where we usually ride. We are used to charging into corners, and I just have to slow down a little bit. I made a couple mistakes but was till able to get the win. I would rather get that out today than tomorrow.”


1. James Stewart (USA)

2. Sebastien Pourcel (FRA)

3. Ken De Dycker (BEL)

4. David Philippaerts (ITA)

5. Tanel Leok (EST)

6. Maximilian Nagl (GER)

7. Billy Mackenzie (GBR)

8. Marc De Reuver (NED)

9. Josh Coppins (NZL)

10. Chad Reed (AUS)


After a less than desireable start, Team USA’s Ryan Villopoto found his way up to third midway through the first lap with now ex-teammate Brett Metcalfe, racing for Australia, ahead of him. By the time the first lap was in the books, Villopoto had second place clinched, and by the second lap, he had taken over the lead. From there, RV2 did what does best: dominated. Meanwhile, France’s Anthony Boissiere and Metcalfe battled intensely for second place, while South Africa’s Tyla Rattray, fresh off of an MX2 World Championship, hung onto third. Rattray’s Red Bull factory KTM teammate, Tommy Searle suffered a dismal start, but worked his way back from tenth to finish fourth behind Rattray to help out the British team.

RV2 explicated his heat win simply with, “I came into the first turn middle of the pack and I just worked my way through that first lap. I got clear track and just put in some good laps.”


1. Ryan Villopoto (USA)

2. Brett Metcalfe (AUS)

3. Anthony Boissiere (FRA)

4. Tyla Rattray (RSA)

5. Tommy Searle (GBR)

6. Jeremy Van Horebeek (BEL)

7. Carlos Campano (ESP)

8. Manuel Monni (ITA)

9. Scott Columb (NZL)

10. Matiss Karro (LAT)


The Open class was the final and, by far, most dramatic qualifier of the day. First, Team USA’s dominance was stunted when Tim Ferry sustained a horrific 14th-place start. His troubles wouldn’t end there, either. Right after the end of the second lap, a rider laid his bike over in the inside rut of a tight left-hand turn, and Ferry could not avoid running into the downed bike. Ferry was sent off course, his place and momentum compromised. Meanwhile, Cody Cooper, racing for New Zealand, performed his best James Stewart impression by jumping out front early and hanging on to the top spot throughout the heat. Canada’s Dusty Klatt kept the pressure on Cooper for most of the moto, but Klatt had pressure of his own coming from Australia’s Michael Byrne. Byrner took over the second spot from Klatt, and Italy’s Alex Salvini followed suit. While Klatt dropped out of sight, Zach Osborne, racing for Puerto Rico due to Utag Yamaha and Team PR’s merger, battled through the pack and gave Byrner a run for his money. On the final lap, Osborne hassled Byrner to no end and, on the finish line jump, passed the Aussie.

“I am really happy to be up here. I don’t know what happened to Tim Ferry. He may not get the best start, but he normally just pounds through to the front,” said Cooper of his lone non-American victory.


1. Cody Cooper (NZL)

2. Zach Osborne (PUR)

3. Michael Byrne (AUS)

4. Alex Salvini (ITA)

5. Steve Ramon (BEL)

6. Matti Seistola (FIN)

7. Shaun Simpson (GBR)

8. Dusty Klatt (CAN)

9. Timmy Ferry (USA)

10. Alvaro Lozano (ESP)