Red Bull Straight Rhythm Races This October

In 2013, Red Bull introduced the Straight Rhythm concept. Featuring a half-mile "unwound" supercross track, utilizing no turns in order to evolve the moto discipline in a way never seen before, Red Bull Straight Rhythm shook the sport when it was revealed. The proof-of-concept in 2013 was not a race, just an introduction to select riders in order to gauge the feasibility of such an outlandish idea.

After the massive success of the Straight Rhythm test run, Red Bull is happy to announce that the event will return on October 4, 2014, with a full-race format, consisting of 32 riders facing off in a head-to-head, best-of-three bracket until a winner is crowned.

The format of Red Bull Straight Rhythm is unlike anything that motocross has ever seen. With races lasting only around one minute against the best riders in the world, competitors cannot afford even a single error if they want to take home a win. It's an all-out sprint to the finish, and as James Stewart
commented after running the course himself, "One mistake, and it's a wrap." With a seemingly endless rhythm section, perfection is a must.

Straight Rhythm is all about bike skill and talent. On such a short track with so many technical features like whoops, triples, doubles, table tops, and step on/offs, great riders can emerge from the woodwork and upset the field, as we saw in 2013 when riders hit the Straight Rhythm track for the first time.

Time, or lack thereof, is the great equalizer. A young gun with endless talent like Jessy Nelson could potentially beat the world's elite supercross racers.

Red Bull Straight Rhythm 2014 will take place in Pomona, California, at the Auto Club Raceway at Fairplex on October 4. Tickets will be available starting in July on the official Red Bull Straight Rhythm site, and the event will also air on NBC as part of the Red Bull Signature Series on December 21.