Reed and Carmichael dominate Daytona!


Chad Reed would not be stopped at Daytona. Coming from behind was Reed’s way of making the race interesting. A get together on the sixth lap of the race with South African Grant Langston found the Red Bull/KTM team rider on the ground. Reed found himself in front, a lead which he would not relinquish. Team Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s Michael Brown moved into the second position and was able to hold on for the remainder of the 15 lap main event.


125 main at Daytona1.Chad Reed (Yam); 2. Mike Brown (Kaw); 3. Grant Langston (KTM); 4. Branden Jesseman (Suz); 5. Joshua Woods (Suz); 6. Greg Schnell (Yam); 7. John Down (KTM); 8. Andrew Short (Suz); 9. Buddy Antunez (Suz); 10. Ryan Clark (Yam); 11. Kelly Smith (Yam); 12. Tyson Hadsell (Yam); 13. Steve Boniface (KTM); 14. Joshua Summey (Yam); 15. Keith Johnson (Yam); 16. Jeff Gibson (Yam); 17. Johnny Marley (Hon); 18. Steve Mertens (Hus); 19. Turbo Reif (Suz); 20. Billy Laninovich (KTM); 21. Larry Ward (Yam); 22. Troy Adams (Yam).

125 East Point Standings after Daytona

1. Chad Reed – 100

2. Mike Brown – 84

3. Steve Boniface – 62

4. Buddy Antunez – 59

5. Kelly Smith – 50

6. Larry Ward – 48

7. John Dowd – 47

8. Grant Langston – 47

9. Branden Jesseman – 46

10. Greg Schnell – 45


This is Carmichael’s third win in a row at Daytona and the first win for Honda at the venue since 1996 when Jeremy McGrath was riding red. RC won Daytona with a 13 second lead on second place rider Tim Ferry. Ferry who returned to racing today has been recovering from his bruised lungs he suffered in Phoenix. Red Dog was stoked to get the bridesmaid spot for the day in front of his hometown crowd. Rounding out the podium in Daytona was Chevy Trucks/Kawasaki’s Ezra Lusk. This is Yogi’s first trip to the podium this year and it comes just as the season passes the half way point. With his third place finish, Lusk moves into third place in the point standings.

Team Sobe/Suzuki’s Travis Pastrana was running in second in the early laps of the race and about half way through he pulled off complaining of symptoms of the flu.

Yamaha’s David Vuillemin, did not race today because of an injury he sustained on a photo shoot last week. The Cobra was said to have a separated shoulder. He will be getting an MRI to see what the problem is as soon as gets back to California on Sunday.

Honda’s Sebastien Tortelli and Bud Light/Yamaha’s Jeremy McGrath filled in fourth and fifth places respectively.

250 main at Daytona1.Ricky Carmichael (Hon); 2. Tim Ferry (Yam); 3. Ezra Lusk (Kaw); 4. Sebastien Tortelli (Hon); 5. Jeremy McGrath (Yam); 6. Nathan Ramsey (Hon); 7. Ernesto Fonseca (Hon); 8. Nick Wey (Yam); 9. Damon Huffman (Suz); 10. Heath Voss (Hon); 11. Kyle Lewis (Hon); 12. Stephane Roncada (Kaw); 13. Jason Thomas (Yam); 14. Keith Johnson (Yam); 15. James Povolny (Hon); 16. Barry Carsten (Suz); 17. Kevin Crine (Hon); 18. Jeremias Israel (Hon); 19. Brian Mason (Kaw); 20. James Oehlhof (Yam); 21. Brian Stone (Kaw); 22. Jean-Sebastien Roy.

250 points after round 9

1. Ricky Carmichael – 184

2. David Vuillemin – 179

3. Ezra Lusk – 132

4. Stephane Roncada – 126

5. Jeremy McGrath – 126

6. Mike LaRocco – 120

7. Nate Ramsey – 102

8. Travis Pastrana – 96

9. Ernesto Fonseca – 95

10. Damon Huffman – 94