Reed Ready?

Late developing news just into the offices at Glen Helen Raceway:

Word has it that Team Yamaha’s Chad Reed has decided to give the second annual Prequel a go tomorrow (Saturday May 14th).

It is unclear whether it was The Prequel’s $20K pro purse or the opportunity to get in some “real time” race testing before Hangtown, that motivated the former Supercross champion but regardless the bar has been raised for all the contenders in the 250 pro class.

It was no secret that Ricky Carmichael’s trip to Canada for the World Supercross rounds gave him a jump on the competition and ultimately the championship. Could The Prequel prove to be the outdoor equivalent for Mr. Reed?

This event will not be televised, so if you want to see it you will need to live it! Glen Helen Raceway Saturday May 14th. Be there.