Reed Spoils Honda’s Party

Two years ago, Yamaha debuted its 125cc-class legal 250cc four-stroke at the last Japanese National of the year, held at the HARP track. With the upcoming release of the 2004 Honda CRF250R four-stroke, Honda elected to do the same at this year’s finale at Sugo. Team Honda’s Ernesto Fonseca flew to Japan earlier in the year to test a pre-production version of the new machine, and the Costa Rican has been in Japan for the past seven days in preparation for today’s race.

Though Ernie won the first moto aboard the little red thumper, Reed edged him out in the all-important second moto and scored the overall win. Stay tuned for photos later in the week and a full report in the February issue of TransWorld Motocross.


KTM’s Yves Demaria scored the overall win in the 250cc class, winning both motos with relative ease.

2002 Japanese National Motocross R10

10/27/2002 Sports Land SUGO, Miyagi Pref.


  1. Chad Reed Yamaha 2/1
  2. Ernesto Fonseca Honda 1/2
  3. Manabu Watanabe Yamaha 5/4
  4. Shinichi Kaga Suzuki 10/3
  5. Makoto Ogata Honda 6/6
  6. Masaki Hiratsuka Honda 8/7
  7. Tomoya Suzuki Yamaha 7/8
  8. Shinichi Inoue Kawasaki 4/12
  9. Kuraudo Toda Honda 15/5
  10. Naoki Serizawa Honda 3/-


  1. Yves Demaria KTM 1/1
  2. Takeshi Koikeda Yamaha 2/4
  3. Kazumasa Masuda Suzuki 5/3
  4. Ryuuichiro Takahama Honda 3/5
  5. Yoshitaka Atsuta Honda 4/6
  6. Hisashi Tajima Suzuki 8/7
  7. Taichi Kugimura Yamaha 9/8
  8. Akira Narita Suzuki -/2
  9. Shinobu Idehara Yamaha 7/11
  10. Nozomu Naya Suzuki 10/10