Renthal Signs Team Toyota Yamaha Fox Racing Team

Renthal is pleased to announce the signing of an agreement with the Team Toyota Yamaha Fox Racing Team for Handlebars, Chainwheels and Grips.

“Our Canadian National Motocross team has enjoyed a lot of success over the last 7 years including 12 Canadian National Championships. We are in a fortunate position that we are able to use any of the handlebar or chainwheel products that are available on the market today; however after testing and racing with the Renthal products we would never question making a change. Reliability, dependability and fit and finish are the trademark of all the Renthal performance products. We have never had a failure which is remarkable considering the number of Motos and laps our riders have done over the years. Without question Renthal offers the finest handlebar and chainwheels made on the planet and we will continue to race and win championships with them states Jason Mitchell, Vice President of the Blackfoot Group of Companies.

“Renthal is excited to continue this relationship with the Team Toyota Yamaha Fox Racing Team and riders Nick Evennou, Colton Facciotti, Blair Morgan, Jimmy Nelson and Jean Sebastien Roy and we wish them the very best during the 2007 Canadian race season. states David Kaiser, Renthal’s Race Director.

Renthal is the worldwide leader in manufacturing and design of motorcycle handlebars, sprockets, and grips for the off-road market. Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, and Suzuki all specify Renthal handlebars as stock for their performance off-road motorcycles. Renthal’s world class manufacturing and engineering facility is located in Stockport England which makes Renthal unique in that it’s one of the few companies that manufactures product in- house. This ability to control the entire manufacturing process from start to finish ensures that the end user is receiving the highest quality product available. Renthal’s handlebars and sprockets have won more US and worldwide titles, 130 and 90 respectively, than any of its competitors combined.