Resen Debuts High-End Custom Graphics Services

(Banning, CA – Kingwood, TX) – Resen Graphics Co., makers of quality apparel and bike graphics, announced today the launch of their custom graphics services. Offering everything from pre-printed backgrounds to hub decals, Resen can provide a top-quality decal for almost any application.

Having artists with combined experience of over 20 years, Resen can offer design by actual professional graphic designers, not professional printers trying to design. “We’re really excited about offering custom graphics. The demand for custom work has been growing like crazy while the number of good qualified printers hasn’t kept up. We’re hoping to fill that gap by carrying over our top of the line design from our production graphics and clothing to our custom services.” said Resen’s founder, Bryan Buchanan. “We’ve brought Dustin ‘Wacker’ Nowak, the pro FMX rider and more importantly, experienced graphic designer on board to run the custom show and now believe we can offer some of the best custom graphics service available.”

To get started on your own set of custom decals, go to, check it out, and fill out the form under “Get Started”.

You can catch some of Resen’s designs being run by MX Oasis, White Brothers, Arsenal MX, Ryan “Fluffer” Hagy, Myles Richmond, Dustin Nowak, Beau Bamburg, Chuck Carothers, and Darren Wright.