Response to Alessi Rebuttal

Response to Alessi Rebuttal

Following the recent article posted on the web site titled ¿Tony Alessi Rebuttal¿. ALLOY MX would like to clarify some of the statements that were made incorrectly in that article.

  • Individual contracts were signed with both Mike and Jeff Alessi in 2002. These contracts were counter signed by Mr. Tony Alessi as their legal guardian.
  • Each contract was valid, these contracts commenced January 1st 2003 and expired December 31st 2005 with a further option period.
  • Each contract year for both Mike and Jeff have been paid in full. 2003 was paid prior to the start date of the contract, 2004 was paid according to the terms of the contract with the final payment made in May 2004. They are paid in full up to 1st January 2005.
  • ALLOY MX terminated their relationship with Mike, Jeff and Tony Alessi not because of any conflict with additional contracts that Tony Alessi was considering.
  • ALLOY MX terminated their relationship based on the continual failure of the athletes involved to fulfill their contractual obligations despite written requests to do so. This was not restricted to issues regarding clothing, it included not only their behavior and conduct on and off the racetrack but also that of their father.
  • ALLOY MX was not presented with any requests to consider with regards to a potential contract from team Red Bull/KTM.

Neil Calvesbert commented ¿We really did not expect this to become such a debate, this is not something we took pleasure in doing. No one had a smile on their faces when the decision to terminate our relationships with the Alessi¿s was made. However, despite our requests they refused to fulfill their obligations or change their conduct, the spectacle at this past weekend¿s Bounty Hunter race convinced us that we had to end this relationship; it was not something we could be a part of any longer.

Calvesbert continues ¿This had nothing to do with invalid contracts or conflicting agreements that we are aware of. We had no communication with Red Bull/KTM, Tony had been talking to them for several months but like everyone knows one day it was Honda and the next KTM. Prior to Millville we had direct discussions with Honda regarding their requirements for their corporate logos and team sponsors on our clothing. We were able to accommodate their requests and Tony was advised of this. If someone had talked to us about any requirements that Red Bull or KTM had then I am sure we could have accommodated them too. No such discussion took place. If Tony Alessi or their management had pulled the ¿Invalid contract¿ card and we had wanted to keep Mike and Jeff on our program we would have took every step required by law to enforce our contracts with them.

¿I laughed when I read the comments on MXA, they chose to release that without checking the facts. I am grateful that Tony Alessi and his sons graciously accepted substantial payments from ALLOY MX for the last 25 months when they had no obligation to do so because our contracts in their eyes were invalid. I am now wondering if they will return any of the money to us? I can understand Tony wants to look like he pulled the trigger on this, he craves that power and I have no problem with that. Actually, it makes the technicalities of the situation much more straightforward. His statements make everything much more simple¿.

In closing Calvesbert added ¿There were a couple of items in our press release that seemed to cause confusion which I should clarify: First, ALLOY MX was not disappointed with Mike¿s race performance at Millville. The kid did great, first race in the big show, despite problems in the first moto he was holding down 7th place in the 2nd against the best riders in the world. We were stoked; everyone around him should have been stoked for him.

Secoond, ALLOY MX has ended their relationship with everything Alessi. That includes Jeff Alessi.

I hope this closes the chapter and everyone can move on. They have what they need, the freedom to do whatever they want, we are not holding them to anything which they know we could.  I know Mike will go on and win many races; he has great ability on a motorcycle and so does Jeff. I wish both Mike and Jeff the very best with their careers.¿

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