Hollywood Rags and Backdrops

Hollywood Rags and Backdrops EZ-UP Weights cost $29.95 each.

For The Rider Who Has Everything

Hollywood Rags and Backdrops EZ-UP Weights

Price: $29.95

What It Is

All of us have “that friend.” You know, the one who is ripping fast on a dirt bike, and has sponsors or connections for just about everything dirt bike related… Those are the hardest friends to shop for, because you can’t really give them anything for Christmas that they can’t get for free or at a hefty discount…

Well, we came across a product the other day that is perfect for the rider who has it all: EZ-UP Weights to help keep your pop-up shade shelter from taking off to see the Wizard when the wind picks up. Made by Hollywood Rags and Backdrops, supplier of lights, backdrops, and other motion-picture related equipment to the Hollywood set, the EZ-UP Weights definitely fall into the, “Why didn’t I think of that?” category.

There’s probably not one of you out there who hasn’t used a tie down and a gas can, gear bag, or ice chest to help weigh your EZ-UP down in windy conditions at some time or another. I know that I’ve lost several EZ-UPs to the elements…one of them flew 50 feet through the air out of the Comp Edge MX Park pits and landed out on Highway 395. Filled with 20 pounds of lead, the EZ-UP Weights lock onto the legs of your EZ-Up and keep it in place. While four are ideal, we’ve gotten away with two; one on each diagonally opposing leg.

Jason Erler is a motocrosser who is a partner at Hollywood Rags and Backdrops, and he came up with the idea at the track one day when his EZ-UP went on a short range  flight.


– The weights are easy to store in your truck: we hide them under the seats.

– Hanging weights from the legs of your EZ-UP is easier than using a tie down and a gas can (what if the wind gusts while you are filling up?), and they look way more professional.

– Easier to use than stakes, which must be hammered into the ground.

– The bag’s mount works with all sized EZ-UP legs.

– While we’re sure there will someday be a storm that can carry our EZ-UP away with four bags attached (we’ve seen a 4×4 quad get blown up and over a semi truck during a storm at the Orlando SX), the weights offer peace of mind in most conditions.

– Bags can be personalized.


– We didn’t think of them ourselves!

The Verdict

EZ-UP Weights from Hollywood Rags and Backdrops are a simple product with a single function: to keep your expensive EZ-UP from flying away in the wind. We love ours!