Risk Racing Releases New RR1 Mini Moto Lift

After the success that Risk Racing has found with their RR1 “Ride-On” moto lift they are now releasing the RR1 Mini. The RR1 Mini is a small version of the RR1 and is designed to work with today’s youth MX race bikes. The RR1 Mini is so easy to use. Kids can now lift their own bikes into the air. It is also great for moto Moms and Dads who are tired of heaving their child’s bike onto a stand.

The operation is simple. Push the bike onto the lowered lift. As the front tire touches the front plate, the lift goes into action rising to the bottom of the motorcycle frame. Step on the foot pedal and your bike will rise effortlessly into a secure position. The RR1 Mini is lightweight, portable and stable in the pits. Its high-strength, powder-coated steel frame is virtually bombproof and the aluminum diamond-plate looks trick.

The RR1 is also lockable in the up and down position for ease of transport and safety. For use with select 50-65cc motocross specific race bikes and modified pit bikes.

Visit the Risk Racing web site for more information, proper sizing, and video demonstrations: www.riskracing.com.