Photos by Jeff Kardas

RedBud is a favorite track to most—fans and racers alike—and despite the brutally rough conditions only seconds to perhaps Glen Helen, the track makes for great racing. Round six of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship too place in Buchanan, Michigan, and it was RedBull KTM’s Ken Roczen who walked away with the full pop of championship points after he swept both motos to win the overall.

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2014 RedBud MX | 450 Race Report

Ken Roczen: First Overall (1-1)

2014 RedBud MX

Red Bull KTM's Ken Roczen didn't have to the first moto start he had hoped for, and after a few quick passes the 450 class points leader was sitting back in eighth. But Roczen immediately put his head down and climbed his way up into the top five by the third lap, and then moments later the speedy German had moved himself up into the lead after clocking lap times a few seconds quicker than anyone else in the class. Roczen continued to build his lead throughout the moto, and by the time the checkered flag waved he crossed the line at a comfortable distance throwing down a nasty scrub to seal in the victory.

In moto two, Roczen leapt out to nab the holeshot this time, but Trey Canard was once again there to steal away the early lead in the opening corners. Roczen didn't allow for much time to pass before he began to apply pressure to Canard and made attempt after attempt to retake the lead. Canard continued to shut to door on Roczen's attempts, but Roczen finally made a pass stick as he forced his way on the inside of Canard. The leader then upped the pace of the moto, building a solid lead to reel in his second moto win of the day and take home the overall and a full 50 points.

Eli Tomac: Second Overall (4-2)

2014 RedBud MX

GIECO Honda's Eli Tomac got a decent jump off the starting gate in moto one, placing himself inside the top five early in the race. He worked his way up into third only to soon after allow the hard-charging Ken Roczen by, dropping himself back to fourth, but the 450 class rookie continued to up his pace. Tomac caught up with the Ryan Dungey/Trey Canard battle for second in front of him and used to the back and forth racing between the two to his advantage to sneak in and steal third from Dungey. Dungey, however, was not ready to surrender the spot to Tomac, and before time expired the KTM rider retaliated to take back third position, dropping Tomac back to fourth where he finished the moto.

Tomac's fourth place start in moto two continued his strong effort in only his second race back from injury. Tomac began to show Dungey his front wheel in the opening laps and eventually took over the position from the KTM racer. Tomac put some distance between himself and Dungey, and then a mistake by Canard in front handed him over second place. Tomac's 4-2 scores were good enough for second overall.

Ryan Dungey: Third Overall (3-3)

2014 RedBud MX

Red Bull KTM's Ryan Dungey had the start in the first 450 race of the day, grabbing the holeshot and the early lead, but he quickly dropped back to second as Trey Canard stole the position on the first lap and jumped out front. Dungey immediately began searching for a way back around Canard, but with each lap that passed, fellow KTM rider Ken Roczen worked his way closer to the race leaders and overtook the lead, dropping both battling racers back to second and third. Dungey took the position from Canard, but an ensuing mistake handed the spot back over to the factory Honda racer. The exchange between the two allowed for Eli Tomac to creep into the picture, and Tomac eventually passed Dungey for third, but Dungey reignited the battle and retook third place where he finished.

In moto two, Dungey again found himself running in third fending off Eli Tomac, but this time Tomac would make the pass stick and pull away from Dungey. Dungey dropped back to fourth, but a crash from Canard handed over third and Dungey would finish out the race in that position to go 3-3 for third overall.

Trey Canard: Fourth Overall (2-4)

2014 RedBud MX

Team Honda Muscle Milk's Trey Canard lead moto one early after taking over the spot within the first few corners from holeshot winner Ryan Dungey. Dungey worked hard to retake first from Canard, but Canard’s attempts to hold Dungey off allowed Ken Roczen to sneak past the pair during the early laps of the race. Canard and Dungey kept the battle going throughout the race and both seemed determined to pass one another, but shortly after dropping the position he took advantage of a mistake by Dungey to move back into second and secure the podium spot.

Canard again squeezed his way past the holeshot winner to seize the early lead and this time held onto first in the opening laps of the moto with a series of creative lines that kept a persistent Rozen from getting by. Canard eventually surrendered the lead after missing Lorocco's Leap halfway through the race and dropped back to second, but another mistake late in the race dropped him off of the podium and back into fourth.

Andrew Short: Fifth Overall (5-5)

2014 RedBud MX

A great start in the first moto placed KTM's Andrew Short in third on the opening lap. Short rode brilliantly throughout the moto, only to surrender two positions to the extremely fast Ken Roczen and Eli Tomac, and Short finished the moto in fifth.

Short started eighth in moto two, but this time he moved up through the top ten and into fifth after a late race mistake from Brett Metcalfe handed the psotion over.

Overall Results
1. Ken Roczen 1-1
2. Eli Tomac 4-2
3. Ryan Dungey 3-3
4. Trey Canard 2-4
5. Andrew Short 5-5
6. Josh Grant 6-6
7. Chad Reed 8-7
8. Brett Metcalfe 7-8
9. Justin Brayton 10-9
10. Kyle Chisholm 13-13
11. Fredrik Noren 17-10
12. Ben LaMay 12-15
13. Matt Goerke 11-16
14. Christian Craig 14-14
15. Malcolm Stewart 9-32
16. Ryan Sipes 23-11
17. James Stewart 39-12
18. Nick Wey 16-17
19. Ronnie Stewart 15-34
20. Evgeny Milkhaylov 18-19
2014 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship 250 Class (After 12 of 24 motos)
1. Ken Roczen 280 (6 moto wins)
2. Ryan Dungey 254 (2 moto wins)
3. Trey Canard 226
4. James Stewart 196 (3 moto wins)
5. Brett Metcalfe 168
6. Josh Grant 159 (1 moto win)
7. Andrew Short 134
8. Chad Reed 132
9. Weston Peick 131
10. Malcolm Stewart 120