RonRon’s New Orleans race Report

This race report is gonna be a lot more fun to write then last week’s report ! Daytona wasn’t good to me and I had a bad race, losing lots of points for the championship, so I really wanted to come back strong this weekend in New Orleans, and that’s what I did.

In my heat race, I got a great start and I probably would have had the holeshot if I didn’t try to make the wrong turn….yes, I almost took the track backwards….luckily I realized that in time and I still came out in the top five. Don’t ask…..hahaha. McGrath was in first, Fonseca second, myself third and Carmichael fourth. Ernie and myself were battling, while MC was pulling away, and RC pulling in. Around lap 4, a rock somehow got stuck in my eye, and for the next 1 and a half laps it would be very painful as my eye was burning, crying and I had to ride with only one eye. That’s when RC went by. Then it went away and I could see again. I charged Ernie for 3rd place and made a pass after the straightaway, in the next corner. I finished 3rd behind MC and RC.

My start wasn’t as good in the main event as it was in the heat race, but at least this time I didn’t try to make the wrong turn! I came out around 6th, and the first few laps were pretty intense ! I was behind my teammate Ezra Lusk and fonseca. Then, people started crashing right and left….I don’t really remember who crashed and and who did I pass, but I know that at one time I passed Lusk and Ernie at the same time when ( I think ) Nathan Ramsey crashed….then Lusk passed me back, and for the next 3 laps I was on his back tire putting lots of pressure on him for 4th. In the meantime, Fonseca crashed too. Then, in the same lap, both Ferry ( who was in the lead ) and Lusk crashed ( Ferry before Lusk ). I was right being Yogi when he crashed, and I’ll tell you, it wasn’t nice ! I am glad he didn’t get hurt in that crashed because it looked like he did ( he went over the bars very hard ). He stood up and came back in 5th. I was then in 3rd place behind Vuillemin, with 12 laps to go I think. I would charge him too for a couple laps, and I finally got around him in a 180 turn, he basically let me by when he saw me coming ( he was probably afraid that I was gonna pay him back and take him out…hahaha ). I passed him very nicely and never looked back. I was then in 2nd, catching RC who was the leader. I would stay around 3-5 seconds behind him the whole race, and I was never close enough to make a pass, but close enough to put pressure on him. That’s how the race ended on lap 20, RC won and I got second. I am now 3rd in points tie with my Teammate Ezra Lusk, this is gonna be a good one ! See you all in Houston.

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