Rumor Control: Carpenter to Replace Ramsey?

Were rumors of Paul Carpenter joining Team Honda to fill in for Nate Ramsey a little premature? Maybe so. Current plans call for the New Yorker to help do some testing for Team Honda on the big Honda 450 four-stroke—much like the testing help that Honda gets from the Factory Connection team—though a little high-visibility time in front of the factory bosses never hurts.

While best-known for his outdoor and four-stroke nationals prowess, Paul’s not entirely unfamiliar with supercross, and he has a supercross track at his practice zone. His first Honda test day was aboard his own White Bros. 450, and he’ll also do a couple days aboard Nate’s bike. Current plans also call for Paul to ride the first few U.S. rounds of the 2003 supercross series, but under the White Bros. banner. He and Spud Walters have already both signed to ride the Four-Stroke Nationals for White Bros. in ’03.

In the meantime, Nate’s surgery for the femur he broke last week went well, and he’s at home resting and recuperating. Get well soon, N8 Dog!