Rumor Has It…

Note: Not all rumors are created equal. Some will pan out, and some will go down in flames. One thing’s for sure, though. They’re all pretty interesting.

It’s that time of year…the moto rumor jungle drums are beating long and loud. Right now they’re saying that Scott Sheak will come out of retirement and join up with Moto XXX (or Team X3…pick your favorite name) on a 450 Honda. It also sounds like the XXX guys will have a separate support team on YZ250Fs, and that Troy Adams will pick up one of those spots. If we’re translating the beats correctly, he’s currently penciled in for 125 West.

It also sounds like Michael Blose will spend his second pro season on Yamahas with Ryan Clark’s Team Solitaire.

Every year the pits at the supercross events and nationals get more packed. There are more and bigger haulers, more sponsor hospitality areas, and more big busses for the well-heeled (RC) and flight-phobic (Windham) riders. According to our sources, Chad Reed will be next to join the ranks of the bus-equipped factory stars. We hear that Boost Mobile forked out $600K for the new rig where Chad will be hanging out for the next couple seasons. Whoa.

The other question is, how many other big rigs and busses will we see for 2003? And will the privateers have to start parking in the next county?

Word on the street is that Ron-Ron’s dad in the U.S. and cracking the whip to help get his son prepped for the 2003 SX season. We also hear that Stephane loves the power of the new Suzuki, and that his full-speed stamina’s already up by six laps over where he was at this time last year. Could he be one of the overlooked picks to be a top-five contender for 2003?

While out at Spy day, MC and Jeff Ward were overheard talking about pairing up for the team race at the upcoming Day in the Dirt.

Is the annual musical chairs of mechanics about over? A few days ago, we were being told that Paul DeLaurier was wrenching for both Team X3, and Red Bull KTM. (It sounds like KTM won).

One of the wilder rumors in recent memory has Robbie Reynard and/or Kevin Windham back for the outdoor season as teammates for a company that’s best-known for their 125cc talent. Yep, there’s still some silly left in the silly season.

You know how you can tell that it’s testing season? By the traffic jams on the 15 freeway. A couple weeks ago (before Daylight Saving Time kicked in), it was stop-and-go on the 15 south from the 91 down to the Kawasaki test track. A traffic report overheard on one of the L.A. news stations was reporting, “Activity on the right side of the freeway that drivers are slowing to look at.”

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