RXR Protect and FMXer Justin Homan Join Forces

RXR Protect is pleased to announce that Freestyle Motocross rider Justin Homan, an elite X-Games caliber rider providing some of the best FMX Demos in the United States, has joined the team as the newest rider. With 20 years of motocross and eight years of FMX/X-Games competition, Justin who prides himself of being a role model for kids and being a business professional in every aspect of his life, is a welcome addition to the RXR Protect FMX/MX team.

Homan has won several FMX Challenges in 2006, is the 2005 Asian X-Games Champion, and is the 2004 Thailand X-Games Bronze Medalist. For seven straight years Homan competed in Summer X, Winter X, an Gravity Games, making it to the final every time. He was the eighth athlete in the world to complete the back flip in competition. He is the innovator of the “Holyman, a trick that earned him first place in the Nashville X-Games Big Air category.

“After my last nasty crash and the injury, resulting from my chest’s encounter with a titanium peg, I was looking for the best protection possible. I did some riding and testing with the RXR Protect chest-protectors and found what I needed. says Homan, “not only they offer the level of protection I want in FMX but they have turned out to be very comfortable and light. They do not restrict me in my stunts and I feel more protected than ever.”

RXR Protect’s Chris Favro is very excited to introduce Justin as their new rider “We have been trying to work with a few Freestyle riders since our launch in the U.S. this past winter. Seeing what those guys do and achieve on bikes is mind-boggling but I still can’t believe that some of them back-flip over 60ft gaps without wearing the adequate amount of protection. I strongly believe that our chest-protectors, the Organic and the Full models, offer the highest level of chest and back protection available on the market right now. Justin approached us after his last “hard landing and we wanted to work with him right away. He is a very talented Freestyler, brings us great exposure and has been giving us a lot of valuable feedback.”

For more info: www.justinhoman.com

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